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    I grew up with family names, esp the boys. My brother was after his father, my uncle after my pop (his father), my cousin after my grandmother & my mom (combined name) my grandmother after her mother my other cousin after my mother (as a middle) ect I thought it was just common for the generation there was no naming babys Plum or Thursday ect..

    I knew as soon as I found out about my daughter she would have my grandmother's name, she was very dear to me. I probly wouldnt do someone I was less attached to or exstreamly unknown distant unless I I just liked he name - to me it wouldnt have much meaning.

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    In the Jewish culture it's considered bad luck to give a name of the living...I've never heard of it with the Irish, and know lots of Irish JRs or named after live grandparents.

    My daughter's MN is my grandmother's. I also wanted to include my father's (unisex) FN, but it didn't flow. I think it's ok to use siblings, cousins, etc. but it's more common after they've passed on, maybe to avoid confusion.
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    Family names to me can be anyone you want to honor...I'm named for two favorite aunts so not direct line. My daughter's middle name is her father's great grandmother's name.

    I'm not sure about distant ancestors either, it would feel to me like you're using the name because you love the name and were maybe introduced or inspired to use it by the family tree, but if you never knew the person, I'd have a hard time saying they were named "for them" if that makes any sense.
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    I think there's a difference between family names and names from your family tree. A name from your family tree is just that; you don't know anything about the person or people who wore the name, but you think the name is awesome and decide to recycle it for your child. A family name is a maiden name/family surname, a name that's been passed down for several generations and pops up quite a bit in your extended family, a name of a close family member you want to honor, or a name with a great story and/or family member attached to it.

    I'm not really sure what the "etiquette" is with using family names? In my family all family surnames and names of parents/grandparents/great-grandparents/etc are fair game. There's no "claiming" or "stealing" family names with us, which is how I ended up with three cousins named Jackson after our great-grandfather.

    I definitely want to use family names for all of my kids. Most of the family names on my list are family surnames.

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    I an amateur genealogist, I feel connected with the ancestors I've researched and included in my family tree. They aren't just names I like, they're individuals who have contributed to my life and to the potential it holds.

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