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    using family names

    The guest blog post today got me thinking--What exactly is the "etiquette" for using family names? Just using the names of people that you are directly descended from? Or can you branch off and use siblings' names? What do you think? What would you use?
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    I wouldn't be inclined to use the name of one of my distant ancestors...I wouldn't go back further than maybe 3 generations or so. If I was to use a family name, I would use it because I felt deep love, admiration and respect for that family member and would want to honour my child with it. I would use siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.

    Using the name of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather would be totally lost on me. I want to honour people I love, not distant ancestors from my family tree.

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    I think you can use any name in the family tree! I have both grandmothers for mn, my brother has the grandfathers for mn, and my sister has a grandmother and an aunt.

    My own son has my father's fn as his mn.
    Our twins will also have family mn, a variation on my brother's fn, and probably my Mother-in-Law's maiden name as a mn for the other baby.
    We also have a family name "Samuel" that goes back 7 generations, currently 2 of my first cousins have the name, Samuel and Samantha, both occasionally go by "Sam" though she does more than he does. For the longest time, they didn't even live in the same country, but now they are in the same city! Samuel was named after the family, and Samantha was named for the main character on "Bewitched" though her mom thought it was the family name.

    I also know 2 girls named after their grandfathers: Samantha Lloyd (my cousin) and Lily Allyn (my son's bff) both sound great in my opinion.

    A funny thing - my Irish friend once told me that it was considered bad luck to give a family name to a baby if the original name bearer was still living.

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    I'd go back as far as it would take to find a name I love. Some ancient favorites from my family tree are Alix, Sebastienne, Perrine, Appolonia, Isolda and Lucrezia.

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    I love family names. Its different for most people, but I want to use names to honor family members, that were loved by my parents and grand parents. I personally would never name the child after a living relative, unless they were my parent or grandparent. You also have to give priority to someone who might have known them better than you. I would check and make sure that using the name wouldn't step on anyones toes. My cousin is named after my grandfather, so I would only now use my grandpas first name as a middle.

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