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Thread: Wdyt?

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    I was at a family reunion and decided to visit the family and I came across some names that I thought were kind of interesting.
    Other than the usual Williams, Roberts, Marys, Marthas there was:

    Finas E. (b.1828)
    Maila Mae (b.1942) not sure how to pronounce the first name
    Ardath (b.1919)
    Monroe (b.1848)
    Misaniah Narciss (b.1850)
    Safronia Odell (b.1872)
    Sarah Palestine (b.1875) interesting to find Palestine in the middle, love it
    Gerlinda May (b.1870)
    Olive Pernetta (b.1826) like this combo
    Dalphus Oscar (b.1925)
    Parallee (b.1884)
    Ada Chilote (b.1898) not sure how to pronounce the middle name
    Wave Sr. (b.unknown) interesting first name
    Amanda Madora (b.1865) Aunt Amanda, middle name is interesting
    Peninniah Evelyn (b.1859)
    Akery Kenneth (b.1911)
    Exlene Julia (b.1927) very interesting to me
    Mayolar (b.1914)
    Ruby Geneva (b.1919) I thought this was a really beautiful combo
    Analyza (b.1855)
    Oscar Lavender (b.1869)
    Minerva Jane (b.1859) beautiful and classic
    Arthur Raymond (b.1859) I adore this combo
    Cartha (b.1901) Catherine and Martha?
    Bird Valentine (b.1841)

    What do you think of these names?

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    Wow, a lot of interesting ones. Quite a few of them seem made up, but they still sound nice! At least people back in the day knew how to create good names :P

    Oscar Lavender is a really interesting combo

    ETA: I would pronounce Chilote like it was Hispanic - chee-LOW-tay. No clue if that's correct or not, though.
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    Many are a bit... strange.
    I like Monroe, Olive and Minerva.
    ...Analyza? I thought kr8iv spellings were fairly recent.

    Bird Valentine is cute.
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    Finas E. - interesting!
    Ardath - I like Ardith, never seen this spelling
    Olive Pernetta - pretty!
    Ruby Geneva - gorgeous!!
    Analyza - lol, that one's funny!
    Minerva Jane - very pretty
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    Cool list! The names from the mid-1800s are so typical of the time period – love it! Peninniah, Bird, Safronia and Gerlinda especially – and Sarah Palestine!

    Ruby Geneva is ready to cash in on the 100-year rule, for sure!

    Exlene had me scratching my head until I saw she was born in 1927. Ah, yes that doesn’t seem quite so out-there anymore!

    I wonder what the story is behind Oscar Lavender. Was it a man or a woman? Surname plus feminine middle? Or maybe masculine first plus an honor name?
    I really enjoyed seeing these – thanks for sharing!

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