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    My daughter has 2 middles and a double barrelled surname and I've never had a problem putting her names on any forms. Her sister will as well if I could ever decide.

    We did it with my daughter as we moved to Finland a month before she was born and wanted to honour her birth country. I liked it so much that I want to do it with my new daughter even though she has a Finnish first name. I wish I had done it with my sons as well as it gives me a chance to use more names, but also to have a special family name that isn't really known outside the family, like a secret.
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    My son has two middle names and our second son will as well. It's not a tradition in either mine nor my husband's family. The reason we did it is so we would have space to honor people without compromising our own style. My husband's great grandfather was Nicholas and my dad is Arthur. His second middle name is Ashby because we love it and we feel like it gives character to his name and makes it more his own, rather than just having him use other people's names. On forms etc. we just put his first middle.
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    I gave my kids two middle names based on tradition! I have two, my siblings have two, and my mother has two. I've always found the idea that it's 'pretentious' pretty dispiriting. Names are tied to traditions- be those familial or cultural. In my family, two middle names are what's done.
    That being said, I admit it's also great fun for me, as someone who loves names! My sister finds the whole thing to be just a stress- she can barely find one name she likes enough to use!

    As for the forms etc. I fill in both middle names for my kids, and when they're older they can choose for themselves which to cut out (if any)
    I chop and change which names I use- if there's space on the form, I'll list both. My passport lists both middle names, for instance, but my school register did not. Nightmare for the supply teacher, who had no idea which name to read out!

    I think often kids with two middles have different meanings behind each- my kids have a family/meaningful name and then one we just love! I want them to take with them a meaning, or a quality, from the former and just enjoy the fun of the second.
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    I have two middle names and I live in Australia. In my family its quite a common thing. Both my middle names are short Emily Faith; but they have special significance.Faith was my great nanna's church name and she passed away when I was about two. Emily was a name my parents loved and little did they know it had connections in our family tree.

    I intend to do the same thing when I have children. I've never had issues filling out forms or anything, the only thing I have had trouble with besides my initials spelling out J.E.F (Haha, it was a bit of a fluke on their part!) is that I couldn't fit it on my senior jacket. But that was fine. I know people say that middle names are really used or referred to as well. In my case this isn't true, my whole life I have been either referred to as "Jessica Emily Faith" or as "Jessie/Jess." Actually growing up, if I didn't want to share my name, I went by either Faith or Emily as well. On nameberry its often referred to as a British practice, whether that's true or not I have no idea, but somehow I think the flow of names works nicer with three and a surname.
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    The boys on my father's side have two middles out of tradition, started three generations ago. The boys have a first name, a middle name that starts with D, and then Dodge as a second middle. For example if I'd been a boy I'd have been Patrick David Dodge _________. My dad generally writes William D. Lastname rather than William D.D. Lastname, but I suppose you could do either. I was a girl so I only have one middle name, so I don't know much from experience, but I assume if you ran out of room on a form you could just write only the first middle, or the first middle and second middle initial.

    I probably won't continue the tradition with my children since I'm not close with that side of my family, so if my children have two middles it would either be purely to use more names, or with my maiden name as a second middle (if I choose to take my husband's name, and if I take his name I'll move my maiden name to a second middle). I know two children who have their mother's maiden name as second middles - she goes by both surnames, they only go by their father's/her married surname. I like the idea of passing my name down in a subtle way.
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