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    warming up to Wren?

    Hi everybody!

    My husband and I have a baby girl named Phoebe Jay and hope to have one more child sometime in the next few years. We settled on Phoebe's name years before she was born, absolutely love it, and it suits her to a T. We have a boy name chosen (Walker Owen- not 100% sure on the middle name but that's a smaller debate for another day!). Years ago, we had picked Georgia as a first name for a second daughter but struggled with finding a middle name. Several months ago, my husband suggested Wren as her middle name, but immediately afterward said he liked Wren for the baby's first name.

    Over the months that we've been tossing this back and forth, it's emerged that his feelings toward Georgia have grown pretty lukewarm. I don't want to use a name he doesn't love, especially since we only plan on having 2 kids total. He has fallen in love with Wren as a first name, and my feelings are totally all over the place. In one way, I think it's the coolest, prettiest name ever, and in other ways I have reservations. My main reservation is that my name is one syllable and I always wanted a longer name and have gotten a lot of pleasure out of saying my daughter's two-syllable name! The other primary issue is whether or not the two bird names for our little girls would be overkill or is Phoebe fairly subtle in this regard? Oh, and another thing is will Phoebe's name seem overly commonplace by comparison? We chose Phoebe for like 10 different reasons and with Wren, it's kind of like, we like birds and it's cool. That said, aside from Georgia, none of our boy or girl frontrunners besides Phoebe had any special significance either.

    The name we have discussed that my husband likes almost as much is Tabitha. In this case it would be Tabitha Wren. If we went with Wren as a first name we've been considering Olivia and Alexandra as MNs, mainly because I like the way they sound with Wren and I like them a lot but wouldn't use something that popular as a FN.

    We won't consider using Wren as the middle name and calling her Wren because my parents did that with my name and I've HATED it (and my parents have found it an administrative-type hassle too). Any other ideas or opinions on Wren, Tabitha, or anything else are welcome! We are very secretive and superstitious about names IRL so I thought I would turn to the Berries THANK YOU!!!!!

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    I love Wren...Georgia is ok, but makes me think of an elderly woman. Tabitha is a 70's flashback. Wren Olivia and Wren Alexandra are both gorgeous! I think Magnolia Wren or Maple Wren would work, too...unless that's too much nature.

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    I love Wren. I really like Georgia Wren, but I understand falling "out of love" with a name.
    Tabitha Wren is really pretty- but I really prefer your suggestions of Wren Olivia [Although, Olivia Wren, swoon!].

    We have two daughters that go by their middles and/or nicknames instead. It hasn't really caused any issues, in fact,
    their school here calls them by their middles too they just have to write out their first names on paper. So I do get your
    thoughts on it being confusing sometimes, and having been through it, I could see your concern.

    Wren Alexandra is pretty cute. I still think, out of all the names, Wren Olivia or Olivia Wren are my top choices.
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    @rkrd- I love Magnolia but my husband finds it too much. Maple is cool, but I think it reminds me too much of Mabel, which I don't care for. Thanks for your perspective! The 70's thing with Tabitha was also a concern so thanks for saying that.

    @escg33k- I love Olivia Wren, too! But the baby's last name is very common and we (even moreso my husband) feel pretty committed to more unique names for our kids, so a mega-popular first name isn't really a fit. My husband has a close friend with an Olivia also. I think the middle name as first name thing affects each person differently- I know people who've been fine with the experience but I've come closer to legally flipping mine around several times and don't want to deal with it as a parent on top of as an individual! I'm happy your kids have had a better experience! I agree Wren Olivia sounds really nice, although the last name starts with W so we are debating the WOW factor- lol- with our boy and girl names but especially for another little girl since we have a daughter with non-WOW initials already

    I thought of Alexandra because the initials don't make a word, and because there's no temptation to flip it to Alexandra Wren, which I find hard to pronounce. Also, I think it sounds a little tougher than Olivia, which makes it a better match with Jay, IMO. But we do love sweet olive trees!

    Thanks again guys!

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    Well, I've got to say that Tabitha Wren is absolutely stunning! And Tabitha and Phoebe are a gorgeous sibset.

    I do love Wren as a first name as well. Have you considered using Wren as a nn for a longer name. Names like Florence, Irena, Lauren, Maren, Renata, Renee, Serena, Verena, etc. could all have the nn Wren/Ren.

    Phoebe and Renata or Phoebe and Florence or Phoebe and Verena would all be very nice sibsets.
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