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    Looking for thoughts/ opinions on the name Sadie

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    I don't mind the name Sadie but I don't love it. My biggest issue is that it sounds very "young girl" to me, and I don't think it transcribes well into a professional woman. I think it lacks a degree of strength.

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    Love Sadie... I have seen Haydee spelt Haide, could Sadie be spelt Saide? No? prob. not?

    Anyway, Sadie is lovely.

    I think it is slowly becoming usable in Australia again, no thanks to John Farnham's song back in the 70's(?)...

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    It's a bit nickname-y for my tastes; plus, don't you already have a daughter named Sarah? Sadie is a traditional nickname for Sarah, so it would be a bit strange to use it for Sarah's sister.
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    Nope just looked..Saide is Sy-EE-d


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