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  • Arthur Florian

    13 36.11%
  • Arthur Florian Edward

    14 38.89%
  • Sebastien Leo

    26 72.22%
  • Sebastien John Leo

    4 11.11%
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    Question Arthur, Sebastien...

    Arthur Florian or Arthur Florian Edward?
    Sebastien Leo or Sebastien John Leo?

    Could you vote for one of the Arthur- names, and one Sebastien- name please? I'd like to see opinions on one or two middles, and which sound better... Thanks

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    I normally prefer two middles, but here I like and voted for Arthur Florian and Sebastien Leo. They're beautiful names, by the way- Sebastian is one of my favourite names and Florian is so dashing!
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    I like the two middles options, with the middles reversed I like Sebastien Leo John, but I'm not crazy about Sebastien John Leo for some reason. I think it's because when I say it out loud John Leo sorta runs together like it's one name, Johnleo, where as Leo John doesn't, plus I like how Leo breaks up the -n endings of Sebastien and John. Same with Arthur, I really like Arthur Edward Florian, but don't like Arthur Florian Edward as much (however I like it better than Sebastien John Leo) I also like both single middles options. I voted for Sebastien Leo, due to my issues with John Leo, but if S. Leo John were an option I'd vote for him. For Arthur I voted Arthur Florian Edward but if you reversed the middles it would be even more awesome!
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    I like both Arthur Florian and Arthur Florian Edward, but I don't like Sebastien John Leo... so the single middles get my vote!
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    John Sebastian is my cousins name so I voted for that one. He gets called Sebby exclusively and not at all by his first name

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