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    Lots of Name Help?

    I have a major problem with indecisive-ness. I'm terrible at deciding, or finding something very fitting for my characters and their personalities. I've got one so far for this story. Yay me!

    Anywhooo, I have only recently realised of you stripped down the characters in The Mortal Instruments series down to basic personalities (except for several tweaking bits. And the fact this plotline is very, very different) you've got my characters. And now, I need names.

    For the possible main (I'm doing a bit of debating between her and another) I need a name fitting for a sassy, clever, witty, strong-willed female. She'd be a bit like Clary, as she's stubborn, determined and not one to follow orders. She'll be a bit more Jace-like with snarkiness, though. I've debated between Ivy, Lainey, and Annabel but none seem to work. Ivy was closest though. Any suggustions?

    Next, are her friends, twins. One boy, one girl. The girl is an Isabelle, very pretty, manipulative, volatile, loyal, and stylish. She's called, for now at least, Kaia Evangiline. I think it's fitting, a sort of girly tomboy.

    I can't think of anything for her twin. He's the overprotective brother type, but also a bit of a player. Names for him?

    And then, the Jace. Basically, the love interest. I don't have much of his personality... But he's going to be a secretive, closed person. He's built barriers and pushes away everything and everyone. I'm not sure what I'm looking for in his name.

    I know it's a lot to ask, but I seem to always find myself stuck on the naming portion. I also can't go on unless I've got names, I simply cannot do it. Their names are like... A representative of who they are, and I can't bring myself to start without them (anyone else have the same problem?)

    Anyway... Thanks a ton!

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    FMC: I like Ivy for her. Also: Violet, Stella, Harper, Lidia, Ivory, Scarlett, Coral, Olive.
    LI: Noah, Laurence, Isaac, Liam, Caleb, Wesley nn Wes, Ezra.
    Girl Twin: I like Evangeline better than Kaia, to be honest. Kaia sounds a bit like you're trying too hard. Other ideas: Jezebel, Magdalen, Iris, Anais, Leora, Jemima, Genevieve, Rhea.
    Boy Twin: Gaspard, Phineas, Henry, Jasper, Bram, Simeon.
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Ooh! I love those suggustions. Seems like we have similar naming styles. I love all the names for the main, and the love interest.

    I also was considering Jasper and Henry for her brother, but I decided to see what Nameberry thought.

    Thanks for the opinion on Kaia, too! Maybe I'll change it to Evangeline, with something you suggusted for her middle.

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    I think I'm debating between Jude Evander, Evander Jude, Henry Phinneas, Jasper Micheal, Amon Augustus, and Felix Cornelius for her twin.

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    I'm still undecided on everything else, though.

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