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    I agree with Rowena. It's strange and perfect. A little too close to Anwen though.


    I like Harlow best for her. Harlow feels warm. Foreign but recognizable. I think it's perfect.

    Good luck with your story.

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    @irmgard+theodorian : thank you I love your suggestions !! Espessially Harlow & Auden !! I agree with you about Rowena . I like it but i think that it might is too strong for my shy & fragile character . thanks again .
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    If your character is rather soft spoken and reserved, then I think Harlow would really be great for her. Harlow feels like a whisper, but spoken with strength it might be a roar.

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    I think you are right . the more i think it the more i like Harlow for the character . I think i have a name !! Any middle suggestions for Harlow ?

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    I think you should pair Harlow with something classic, like you did with the other characters, but still, keeping it short. Kate, Leah, Iris, Emma, Ella, Edda, Rose, Anna, Lily. If you want to go a little more out there Harlow Lark, maybe even Harlow Zoe/Zora could work.

    As for other names that could fit her, I think Zenobia and Astrid could probably go on the list. Maybe something Greek sounding, like Calliope or Penelope, or any other goddess name you can think of.
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