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    please help! 4 weeks left-need fresh ideas

    4 weeks left before baby girl #3 arrives, and we still do not have a name that we love. I'm looking for fresh ideas from my trusted berries! Sisters are Lila and Nora. we like vintage, timeless names that have a happy and sweet feel to them, but are not too common. Last name is a bit long so we would also prefer a first name that is easy to pronounce and spell. Just to give you an idea of our style, names on our list are:

    Mae/May--DH loves but I do not
    Rose--I like but DH does not
    Maeve--we like but are hesitant it is too irish (we have no irish ties or roots at all)
    Corinne--like, but don't love. worry about pronunciation and spelling issues
    Eloise--i do not like ellie as a nickname

    any opinions on your favorite from our list and new ideas would be greatly appreciated! i've been obsessively looking for the right name for the last 8 months, and am worried we won't find the right one. please help! thanks so much in advance!

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