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    Thank you! Rose is my favorite too, but dh is on the fence about it. He's against two flower names (we already have a Lila).

    I love opal from your list! Heidi is cute and cheerful too but dh vetoed already.

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    Update-I have discussed all the suggested names and dh has vetoed all and also nixed rose, which was my favorite! He is considering Juliet, but does not like Jules as a nn. So we have 3 weeks left, and no names that we love.

    Our current list is

    And I really don't love either...
    Please help!

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    Pick Maeve,
    Lila ,Nora and Maeve are beautiful together, I don't think you need to be
    Irish at all. Think of all the Morgans out there that are all ethnicities
    Mommy to
    Noah William
    Eliana Beatrice
    Joseph Arthur
    Ethan James
    Abigail Marie
    Leora Ariella

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    Meridan /Meredith
    Freya/ Freja/ Frejya
    Radha (rah-da ; like Radha Mitchell)

    Good luck!

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    I think Maeve would be great with Lila and Nora! Corinne too although somehow it seems a little longer and maybe stiffer than the older girls. Have you thought of Juno, Clio, Margot? That o ending would add a little spunk/

    (edited to add: Esme being pig latin is hilarious - just something my husband would say too! I'm not sure I'll ever see Esme quite the same way!)
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