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    Thank you! Rose is my favorite too, but dh is on the fence about it. He's against two flower names (we already have a Lila).

    I love opal from your list! Heidi is cute and cheerful too but dh vetoed already.

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    Update-I have discussed all the suggested names and dh has vetoed all and also nixed rose, which was my favorite! He is considering Juliet, but does not like Jules as a nn. So we have 3 weeks left, and no names that we love.

    Our current list is

    And I really don't love either...
    Please help!

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    Pick Maeve,
    Lila ,Nora and Maeve are beautiful together, I don't think you need to be
    Irish at all. Think of all the Morgans out there that are all ethnicities
    Mommy to
    Noah William
    Eliana Beatrice
    Joseph Arthur
    Ethan James

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    Meridan /Meredith
    Freya/ Freja/ Frejya
    Radha (rah-da ; like Radha Mitchell)

    Good luck!

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    I think Maeve would be great with Lila and Nora! Corinne too although somehow it seems a little longer and maybe stiffer than the older girls. Have you thought of Juno, Clio, Margot? That o ending would add a little spunk/

    (edited to add: Esme being pig latin is hilarious - just something my husband would say too! I'm not sure I'll ever see Esme quite the same way!)
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