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    Well Lila & Nora have a very wholesome, slightly southern feel to the names, they also have a slight nickname vibe. So for me this would rule out anything overly formal. Thus I would eliminate Corinne and Eloise. Despite being gorgeous names, they feel overly formal next to Lila and Nora.

    I like Rose with Lila and Nora. To be honest I love Rose but if the DH doesn't I would eliminate this choice but have you thought of other flower names...?
    Other flower names:
    Daisy - 'Lila, Nora & Daisy'
    Poppy - 'Lila, Nora & Poppy'
    Ivy - 'Lila, Nora, & Ivy'
    Posey - 'Lila, Nora & Posey'
    Violet - 'Lila, Nora & Violet'
    Calla - 'Lila, Nora & Calla'
    Iris - 'Lila, Nora & Iris'

    Maeve is lovely, she does work with Lila and Nora because like them she has that retro vibe. Yes Maeve is Irish but at the end of the day Irish names have become universal many people use Irish names who aren't Irish. Declan has risen in popularity, do you think every parent of Declan is Irish? No of course not! Similarly with Liam, Connor, and Nimah, so popular in the UK but I suspect the parents of Liam, Connor, and Niamh aren't Irish and many of them haven't even been to Ireland. Furthermore you do get your DH beloved Mae/May without actually using the name.

    I like Mae/May but if you don't I wouldn't use the name. Your the mother after all. Your opinion comes first!!

    Have you looked into other names ending in 'a'...?
    Clara - Lila, Nora, & Clara
    Juna - Lila, Nora & Juna
    Olivia - Lila, Nora & Olivia
    Eva - Lila, Nora & Eva
    Bella - Lila, Nora & Bella
    Emma - Lila, Nora & Emma
    Anna - Lila, Nora & Anna
    Anya - Lila, Nora & Anya
    Elena - Lila, Nora & Elena
    Etta - Lila, Nora & Etta

    Lastly other suggestions that just work with Lila & Nora...
    Elsie - Lila, Nora & Elsie
    Margo - Lila, Nora & Margo
    Phoebe - Lila, Nora & Phoebe
    Zoe - Lila, Nora & Zoe
    Sadie - Lila, Nora & Sadie
    Isobel - Lila, Nora & Isobel
    Ruth - Lila, Nora & Ruth
    Fay - Lila, Nora & Fay
    Vivian - Lila, Nora & Vivian
    Cecily - Lila, Nora & Cecily

    Hope this helped x

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    Eloise is beautiful! Just so you know, I have a cousin Eloise (she's only 10) but she has never ever been called anything but Eloise! I couldn't even imagine calling her Ellie. Nicknames are definitely not inevitable!
    Best of luck.

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    Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions and thoughtful comments! I'm compiling a list and will bring them to dh. He's so picky he has vetoed quite a few that were suggested that I like including freya, Stella, ivy, iris, Tessa, ruby, jane, and cecily.

    We loved Claire but were worried about its popularity, so it is now on our short list. Clara is cute but I strongly associate it with the Disney cow...

    Rosa is sweet but for some reason I find rose so much prettier in its simplicity. Dh just told me last night that he is worried that Lila is a flower name, and with rose would seem too much like a theme. So I guess that nixes other flower names...

    I love
    Esme-is this vintage enough?
    Faye-does this name seem dated? Like from the 70s?
    Millie-too nickname ish?
    Maisie-again too nickname ish?
    Juliet-is nickname Jules inevitable?
    Zara-is this vintage or modern?

    Bb2duesoon- thank you so much for your input regarding Eloise! It's great to hear first hand experiences with a name, and I think lulu is adorable! Question-my dh wants me to ask you how people pronounce Eloise. Is it with a soft "s" -eese? Or eeze?

    Thanks again guys! Keep the suggestions coming! I will update when dh goes through these names!

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    Personally I would go with something with a different sound, maybe even 1 syllable, so it's not too matchy with the others. For example, I would avoid Isla which rhymes with Lila, Cora/Flora which rhyme with Nora, other 4 letter names starting with L and ending in a....

    Names that fit the bill:

    Lila, Nora & Maeve
    Lila, Nora & Claire
    Lila, Nora & Faye
    Lila, Nora & Rose
    Lila, Nora & Mae/May
    Lila, Nora & Tess
    Lila, Nora & June
    Lila, Nora & Esme
    Lila, Nora & Ruby
    Lila, Nora & Pearl
    Lila, Nora & Gwen
    And I like Eloise and Juliet.

    To answer your a couple of your questions above, Esme maybe feels less vintage, but it fits well in that it is short & sweet, 4 letters, but with totally different vowels sounds than Lila and Nora. And I don't think Faye is dated, I think it is on the comeback and would be a fresher choice than Rose or Mae/May.

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    Wow tori101! What a great analysis and thoughtful input! I really appreciate you taking so much time and care into helping us! I completely agree about Corinne and Eloise sounding more formal next to Lila and Nora. I couldn't put my finger on it but you spelled it out exactly.

    Love flower names ivy, iris, and calla. Do you think it is too matchy with Lila (also a derivative of lilac flower)?

    We were debating whether the name has to end in "a", and were actually undecided on that. Of those names, i
    like Etta but dh doesn't. I also love Emma and Eva but they are way too popular.

    phoebe and Vivian I love but dh doesn't. Zoe we both love but it is very popular as well.

    Jem-thanks for the input and experience with Eloise! I'm happy to hear that a nickname isn't inevitable! Great to know!

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