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    Pronunciation sadness : (

    Have any of you ever encountered this problem? I've loved the name Zoe ever since I was about nine, but I thought then that it was pronounced (zo), as in Joe. Then I discovered the real pronunciation, and it took me awhile to fall in love with it again. The last couple of weeks, I've been entertaining the thought that I could use the French pronunciation of Zoé, which I thought was (zo-ay). Just goes to show you how much I know about French. Anyway, today I figured out the French pronunciation is more along the lines of (zoo-ee), and my hopes have been dashed yet again : ( So do any of you know of a legitimate name that would have such a pronunciation (zo-ay)? Thanks.

    P.S. Would also like to hear your GP pronunciations : )
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    Have you ever heard of Rachel Zoe? She actually pronounces Zoe as Zo (like Joe), and I've seen it spelled with umlauts over the e.

    Zo is also an option.
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    Er, what? Zoé, in French, is pronounced zo-AY (
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    I agree with the suggestion of Zo for a pronunciation like Joe and also that Zoé is actually pronounced Zo-AY in French.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucialucentum View Post
    Er, what? Zoé, in French, is pronounced zo-AY (
    Yerp. This exactly.

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