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Thread: Lovely Ladies 2

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    Lovely Ladies 2

    Ok so we've decided that we're good with the 5 names we have. Now we need to make some combos with them. The sibling combos are:

    Amelia Zephyrine Saga
    Sylvana Lorien Sophia
    Persephone Elysia Willow

    The new names we're working with are:


    We each have a favorite. :P

    Here's some middle names on our list, feel free to add.

    Cypress (I'm going to go into detail with the meaning at the bottom as I would really like this one worked in)

    So for the symbolism of the Cypress and why it's so important to us. The Willow and Cypress are both used as representations of the Underworld in Greek myth. It is symbolic of truthfulness, youth and freedom. It has also been associated with perfection because of its evergreen leaves.
    Also here's some quoting because there's a bunch and I don't want to type it all:

    According to legend, the cypress tree grew from the sorrow of a youth who mistakenly killed a pet deer belonging to Apollo. As told by Ovid in his "Metamorphoses," young Cyparissus threw himself on the ground, mourning for all time. His body was transformed into a cypress tree, with Apollo proclaiming the cypress should "preside at every funeral rite." The tree symbolizes sacrifice as well as Hades, god of the underworld. (Apollo is one of Cody's gods, his main god. The Greek myth connection is important to both of us.)
    Among Native Americans, the cypress not only symbolizes things, it has been used to make additional symbols. Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) is a sacred tree used to make totem poles and thuja is part of the cypress family. According to Fred Hageneder in his book, "The Meaning of Trees," Brule and Lakota Sioux link cedar (cypress) with music. A dream reveals a hollow branch with holes dug in it by a woodpecker to a young hunter. According to legend, this is how the flute came to earth.
    Not only am I good chuck Native American, but I'm also a flutist and music is very important in both our lives.

    So yea, we want that one in there definitely.

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    I am not saying this is my favourite combo-but it is definitely my favourite names on your list. I adore Epona (Fairy queen of horses from memory)...
    Epona Cypress Lenore
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    Viviana Cyprus Cassandra would be my pick I love your taste! I wonder if Tatiana would appeal at all? Best of luck!

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    Is there a reason you're not considering Cypress as a first name? It obviously has a lot of meaning and symbolism for your family and would be an adorable little girls name, if you ask me Especially with the spelling Cypress vs. Cyprus. The "ess" makes it a bit more feminine.

    Cypress Apollonia Fife (Cypress since it fits both of you. Apollonia because it from the derivative Apollo for Cody's connection and Fife for your love of music/flute.)

    Otherwise: Apollonia Cypress Fife

    I'm sure the other names have meaning/symbolism for you, too, but these are the ones that stood out to me as the most meaningful from the little I know about you And I kind of like the longer names at the beginning and the short and spunky Fife at the end

    Good luck!
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    Some combos :

    Apollonia Verdandi Alice
    Viviana Iris Lenore
    Ursula Verdandi Lysandra
    Viviana Cypress Isolde
    Apollonia Verdandi Calliope
    Inanna Cypress Breifne
    Epona Juno Cypress
    Ursula Ember Calypso
    Viviana Cypress Nephele
    Viviana Solace Margo
    Epona Cypress Pandora
    Epona Cypress Yvaine
    Inanna Solace Olympia

    I am terrible in combos so they propably sucks

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