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    I usually only like surnames if there is a family connection. Mack is nice though.
    Children are all perfectly and wonderfully made

    Names we would consider

    Elisabetta, Magdalena, Caralana, Elisende/a, Valencia, Snow

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    Quote Originally Posted by milasmama View Post
    I don't mind it but it has a bit of a made-up feel to it. What about MacLean (pronounced Maclane not Macleen)? Out of your spellings I prefer Macklin, Maclin looks like it might be pronounced Mass-lin or Mace-lin.
    I agree with this!

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    Macklin is nice enough.
    What about Mclindon? (Mclinden)

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    Agree that Macklin sounds a little made up. It's not a horrible name, but it certainly isn't my favorite. I wouldn't see a boy name Macklin and cringe the way that I would some names, but with that in mind I still prefer MacLean, McLean, etc.

    In my opinion are all much better options and could be pronounced in the same way. Do you have a distant Irish relative that you could take their surname and make it into a family name? We did that in my family with McIntosh, nn Mac. Bronson is a sweet name, and it sounds much more appealing and legitimate than Macklin. Where did you get the name Macklin from in the first place? I'm just wonder

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    I know I read it on a baby name site somewhere. It appeals to us because it's not too strange but still unique. It's been very hard to get a unique name that's still not weird.

    We live in a very rural area and my husband is actually a farmer. Many unique names are too out there for us, but we want something not common.

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