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Thread: Triplet Sets?

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    G/G/G triplets is my worst nightmare. I could do B/B/B or B/B/G, but when the girls outnumber the boys I'm in hot water. Girls' names just aren't my thing.

    All of your names are gorgeous. I like these for triplets:

    Isabella, Millicent, and Rosamond
    Cordelia, Ottilie, and Matilda
    Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Martha
    Cecilia, Agatha, and Helena
    Olive, Florence, and Iris
    Clementine, Eugenia, and Augusta
    Eleanor, Sophia, and Margaret
    Isabelle, Alexandra, and Sylvia
    Adelaide, Ophelia, and Amelia -- I wouldn't use Ophelia and Amelia, but I was trying not to repeat. Adelaide, Ophelia, and Florence?
    Aurelia, Olympia, and Georgina

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