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    where was liberty mentioned?? im confused.. i see no liberty.. lol

    Willow Gwendolyn is very nice..
    Willow Genevieve??
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    I love Willow, so beautiful! Sad Mr Sarah isn't coming around to little Lettie though...

    I really love Willow Iverine suggested up there, and Willow Shenandoah. And I actually love Willow with Serafina... the idea of the beautiful, magical, mysterious willow tree surrounded by winged celestial beings is quite powerful.

    Willow Serafina
    Willow Serafina Livny
    Willow Dagny Serafina
    Willow Serafina Pegeen
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    Willow Quintessa
    Willow Dulcinea
    Willow Felicity

    Willow Dulcinea Pegeen
    Willow Aria Pegeen
    Willow Quintessa Pegeen
    Willow Quintessa Jean
    Willow Dulcinea Quinn
    Willow Felicity Quinn
    Willow Aria Quinn
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    Willow Sarah Gwendolyn and Willow Sarah Dulcinea were the first Willow Sarah combos to come to mind, Willow Sarah Beatrix would also be gorgeous. Some other ideas I had are
    Willow Dagny
    Willow Dagny Serafina
    Willow Dagny Jeanelle
    Willow Livny Serafina
    Willow Livny Magdelene
    Willow Magdelene
    Willow Quintessa Dagny/Willow Dagny Quintessa
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    I'm seconding (thirding?) Willow Iverine. The soft and sweet "floaty-ness" of the W's are contrasted perfectly by the strong Iv- sound and the fact that it's a non-nature name and an honoring choice. I also personally prefer it as a one middle combo as I think it retains more of it's strength when nothing else is trying to compete for attention. Single-middle combos I also like are Willow Magdalene and Willow Dulcinea. =]

    Willow Jael Quintessa
    Willow Felicity Tesla
    Willow Aria Gwendolyn
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