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  • Rosalind Beatrice nn Ruby

    20 14.60%
  • Gwendolyn Rosalie

    10 7.30%
  • Daphne Willow

    16 11.68%
  • Scarlett Aurelia/Aurora

    20 14.60%
  • Josephine Birch/Branch/Adair

    14 10.22%
  • Felicity Wren/Maple

    20 14.60%
  • Genevieve Aurelia/Sage

    16 11.68%
  • Charlotte Hazel

    11 8.03%
  • Beatrice Laurel/Juniper/Rowan

    10 7.30%
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Thread: Final Nine

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    Ooh, nearly impossible to choose between Scarlett Aurelia (one of my own favourite Scarlett combos!) and Rosalind Beatrice! Scarlett Aurelia is so dramatic and stunning. I get this image of a warrior queen dressed in flowy red and gold fabrics on a horse. Rosalind Beatrice is a prim, proper, demure sweetheart of a girl but has a playful side. Rosalind is a great character and I love the play As You Like It (and Shakespeare in general); Beatrice is royal and British and historical.

    In the end I voted for Scarlett because I don't like nn Ruby, but if you were to call her Rosalind all the time I don't know... Love the rest of your list too, classy but spunky!
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    That was tough!! You have a GREAT list!
    I voted for Daphne Willow, but LOVE Charlotte Hazel, and Felicity Wren just as much! I adore Rosalind, but would prefer Rosalind Beatrix.Rosalie & Aurora are also gorgeous! The 'scar' part of Scarlett is a bit too harsh for me...
    Good luck!!

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    So after waiting a few days the only one we can agree to eliminate is Charlotte. Even though I love it, it just seems to plain next to Penelope and Magnolia.

    This is way harder than I thought it would be, we really can't narrow any of these down. Maybe we'll just go to the hospital with all of them and see which one fits the best.
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    Rosalind Beatrice nn Ruby - A gorgeous combination, but Ruby doesn't really fit in here.
    Gwendolyn Rosalie - Gwendolyn and Magnolia have a similar sound, though this combination is pretty.
    Daphne Willow - Pretty, but there are lovelier options.
    Scarlett Aurelia/Aurora - Ditto.
    Josephine Birch/Branch/Adair - I'm not the biggest fan of Josephine.
    Felicity Wren/Maple - Felicity Wren is cute, but I'm not the biggest fan of Felicity.
    Genevieve Aurelia/Sage - See Daphne.
    Charlotte Hazel - See Daphne.
    Beatrice Laurel/Juniper/Rowan - Don't give her initials of BJ, as lovely as Beatrice Juniper might be. Beatrice Laurel is stunning, but I can't help but love Rosalind just a touch more.
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