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  • Rosalind Beatrice nn Ruby

    20 14.60%
  • Gwendolyn Rosalie

    10 7.30%
  • Daphne Willow

    16 11.68%
  • Scarlett Aurelia/Aurora

    20 14.60%
  • Josephine Birch/Branch/Adair

    14 10.22%
  • Felicity Wren/Maple

    20 14.60%
  • Genevieve Aurelia/Sage

    16 11.68%
  • Charlotte Hazel

    11 8.03%
  • Beatrice Laurel/Juniper/Rowan

    10 7.30%
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Thread: Final Nine

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    1. Josephine Birch (there's just something about Birch that I love. And really, its hard to top Josephine.)
    2. Beatrice Laurel (really, lovely combination. I've been loving Laurel lately)
    3. Felicity Wren. You can't help smiling when you say it
    4. Felicity Maple. Again, it just makes me smile!

    You have some really great combos here. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by melia_barrett View Post
    Surprised to see that Gwendolyn Rosalie so far has the least amount of votes, she's one of my top favorites.
    Both are beautiful names but together as a combo, it is a mouthful and doesn't flow as well as say...Josephine Adair. 😉

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    renrose Guest
    Scarlett Aurora is my favourite. A glorious sunrise

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    wow that's a tough one!

    Gwendolyn Rosalie and Beatrice Laurel are both amazing!!!

    But really, none of them I really dislike, love your taste!
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    I voted for Josephine, but it's pretty much a toss up between Josephine Adair and Beatrice Laurel. They're both very lovely.

    I want to love Rosalind Beatrice, as I adore those names individually, but I don't like how that b backs up against the d. If Rosalind Aurelia were up there, I would vote for that with great enthusiasm.
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