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    Name the Babies, G2, Results (wanderlux)

    Family #1: The Collins'
    Kira Maple Hunt (40) and Benjamin Mason "Ben" Collins (43), had triplets, Olivia, Jonah and Kiera (15), then a son, Harris (12), then a daughter, Kate (9), and adopted baby boy, Liam (6). Then, three years ago, they had Henry (3). The next round will be about Keira and Henry.

    DD/DS/DD: Olivia Chai/Jonah Graham/Kiera Sage (lovemybabies29)
    DS: Harrison Felix (minisia)
    DD: Katharine London (lovemybabies29)
    DS: Liam Bristol (lovemybabies29)
    DS: Henry Benjamin (savbav)

    Family #2: The Haires
    Aria Harper Collins (35) and Theodore Louis "Ted" Haire (35) grew up together, and are now raising kids as a married couple. Their daughter, Nora (12), their son, Isaac (8), youngest daughter, Marie (5), baby boy, Link (4) and twins, Lia and Charlie (2), are little sweethearts. The next round will be about Nora and Link

    DD: Eleanor Ciel (minisia)
    DS: Isaac Hawk (lovemybabies29)
    DD: Marie Lily (minisia)
    DS: Lincoln Theodore (savbav)
    DD/DS: Amelia Zoe & Charles Matteo

    Family #3: The Ellis'
    Lorelei Grace Haire (45) and Liam Clennan Ellis (44), doctors, met in university and have twins, Adelaide and Cas (18). They also have a teenage daughter, Charlotte (15), triplets, Archie, Lilia and Anna (12), another daughter, Clem (10) and a son, Gus (8). The next round will be about Anna and Cas.

    DD/DS: Adelaide Lorena & Caspian Luke (savbav)
    DD: Charlotte Louise (savbav)
    DS/DD/DD: Archer Landon/Cecilia Lynn/Annabel Lily
    DD: Clementine Lucy (bb)
    DS: Augustus Levi (shanade213)

    Family #4: The Espinozas
    Charlotte Susannah Ellis (42) and Reed Matteo-Randolph Espinoza (42) dated for a year, then had a baby girl, Ruby (17). Just after having Ruby, they had Amber (16) and Mica (8), then adopted a girl called Ivie (16) and lastly adopted a son, Jasper (8). The next round will be about Ivie and Mica

    DD: Ruby Clarice (shanade213)
    DD: Amber Mirasol (lifesaboutmusic)
    DS: Mica Carmelo (whitefeather01)
    DD: Ivory Melissa (babynamingbailey)
    DS: Jasper Charles (essjay)

    Family #5: The Hunts
    Violet Lucia Randolph-Espinoza (38) and Kaleb Matthew Hunt (44) knew each other from a young age, and dated for four years before getting married. They have a son called Abot (15), and then had a boy, Owen (13), and then a third son, Hugo (10), and the boys won't let up, a fourth son, Rory (5), then finally a girl, Shae (4). The next round will be about Shae and Rory.

    DS: Abot Caleb (gianfranca)
    DS: Owen Elliot (bb)
    DS: Hugo Kai (minisia)
    DS: Rory Matthew (minisia)
    DD: Shae Luca (lovemybabies29)

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