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Thread: Josi or Callie?

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    Josi or Callie?

    Her sister's name is Chloe, but I can't decide on her name. I want it to kind of have the same sound as Chloe, like Callie and Chloe both start with a C, Josi(short for Jocelyn) and Chloe both end with that E sound, you know. Anyways, she has brownish-blonde hair, chestnut eyes and is athletic and popular. Thanks!

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    Also, Callie is short for Calliope

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    Jocelyn and Chloe are a fabulous sibset and Josie is a cute name.

    Chloe and Callie are too close for my taste.

    Others that go nicely with Chloe are: Daphne (nn Dani) and Phoebe (Fi)

    If you want another C name I'd do something with a different sound like Cora, Charlotte (Charlie), Cassandra (Cassie)
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    I think Josie sounds better with Chloe, because the two C's are a bit much I think.

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    I know it's kinda tacky, but I actually like Chloe and Callie. Chloe and Calliope don't really have the same feel to them, though, at least to me. I think it's because Chloe is way more familiar. So in this case, I vote Chloe and Jocelyn.

    I do really like the idea of Chloe and Daphne, though - similar feel, soft and familiar, that is.
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