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    fey – I do love Caspian AlaricRic was on my original middle list for Caspian, but Hubby vetoed him back then. I was surprised that he didn't outright veto the name this time. I mean a maybe is pretty noncommittal, but it's not a no! And my FIL is Eric, so maybe I can make the connection of family significance there. While Caspian Wolf is definitely not too much for me, it's too much for Husband. He wants at least one "practical" name in each combo.

    auroradawn - You seem to be right on board with my Husband as far as Tobias goes! He says it's brown and bookish, which appeals to him. Brown, to Husband, means stable, earthy, and strong. That is the most descriptive that he's ever been with a name! I'm really not a fan of Toby…wasn't that the name of the dog in the Dick and Jane readers? I think if I went with Tobias Wolf, his nickname would just be Wolf, or Wolfie when a baby. Thanks for helping me warm up to the name! I really want to like it for his sake…I'm not quite there yet, but you've definitely helped
    I definitely prefer Caspian Gabriel over Caspian Tobias, but I agree with you that the rhythm gets a little bouncy. My preferred middles are Caspian North, Caspian Frost, and Caspian Atlas, but they're all too fanciful for Husband.
    Othniel and Israel are great suggestions; I'd never considered them before. Not sure I can see myself hollering Othniel across the playground, but I'll have a think. Thanks so much!!!

    otterbot – You're right on with Hubs wanting a "normal" middle for Caspian. He says he doesn't want normal, just practical – whatever that means. Your description of Tobias helps; I love the wise old man image. That's just how I picture Hubby when he grows up I'm glad you don't think Tobias Wolf is too much…maybe I should make a poll to see what the general opinion is. Maybe most people haven't heard of him?
    Nyah!! Epiphany moment: I finally figured out why I don't like Boaz! It's never made sense to me, cause he's an awesome guy and I love the whole Ruth story, but the name has always repelled me. It's because of Bozo the clown!! D'oh! >_<
    On your list, I love Ezra but Husband said it's too girly. Yeah. We argued about that one for like 20 minutes. I was shocked. Ephraim has been suggested several times, but I've never really considered him. Ephraim…I do like the soft PH sound…I'll have to mull this one over for a bit. I also like Cornelius, but it's a bit like Othniel – can I really see this on a future child? Thanks so much for the suggestions, sweets! You always give me so much to think about

    amesy – That settles it. If you, lifelong lover of Gabriel, don't like the Caspian Gabriel combo, it's officially out! Sebastian and Tobias do work well together. I like Sebastian Wolf for the dashing sound and roguish flair, but come to think of it, calm and stable Tobias might resonate more with how I picture our child. Another vote for Caspian Alaric! It is rather regal, I agree…hm. I get such an explorer vibe from Caspian so I'd love to have something in the middle that emphasizes that aspect. Tobiah is a no-go for me – I hear "to buy a wolf." Eek.
    Gasp! The heresy! Haha. While I can see the beauty in Solomon Wolf - all sleek and silvery and full-moon-ish with those long O's everywhere – I couldn't let go of my beloved Fable. And Tobias Fable is just NOT the same at all. I don't know why. Thanks, you've really given me some things to think about!

    rkrd – I agree with you that Toby is icky. Heber and Heman are not my style (especially Heman, because of the popular He-Man cartoon. I can just hear Hubby now…) but I'd never thought of Ethan! It's rather nice actually.

    aveline_bellefleur – Have I complimented you on your username yet? It's so lovely. I think the issue with Patrick was that he couldn't dissociate it from Saint Patrick's Day, which is so very Irish. He has German and Jewish blood (and the Jew-fro to boot), whereas I'm a mutt. However, I am a quarter Native American, albeit three different tribes. I've never really delved into the Native American names because of how concerned he is with practicality…but family history seems to be increasingly important to him, so maybe I should give those a shot?
    Temujin is fun, but he'll never go for the Genghis Khan connection. Daniel is a tricky one. It's a very meaningful name in my family, but it is just so painfully common and there are two cousins in Husband's family named Daniel. Can anyone think of a way to get to honor a Daniel without actually using the name Daniel?

    judyariel – I love Archer and Gray, but they won't make it past Hubby. Archer because of the TV show and Gray because of that gosh darn 50 Shades. Raphael is beautiful, but already vetoed. I'm with Aveline – bloody men!

    tori – I definitely need to get a poll going on Tobias Wolf…I'm not familiar with the author Tobias Wolff myself, only found him through the Tobias NB entry. I need to see how popular he is before settling on this choice.
    Ooh such beautiful lists! I love Sirius, Altair, Luther, Augustine, Aristotle (that one's going in the GP pile for sure), Atticus, Ishmael (another GP, there's going to be trouble with this one over the Biblical story), Emrys (I used to dislike this one, but I'm really warming up to him after having read a few more Merlin-based series), Atlas (GP due to the Hubby veto), Zephyr (too much Z with Zion, I think), Fox, and Sage. I loved Gideon for a long time, but he's off the table now. Ephraim is going on the to-be-mulled-over list. Nehemiah is out because of the Nemo nickname which has horrible associations for me. Enoch was on my list for a while, and I don't know where he went! Into the mulling pile with Ephraim.

    Sorry for this absolute BOOK of a reply, but you've all been so helpful and thought-provoking. I really appreciate the feedback!
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