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    Back to the Drawing Board…

    My boys' list is beginning to crumble a little bit. I'm back to having no middle name for Caspian, as Hubby really just isn't keen on Noah. Gideon Wolf is off the table. Gideon recently incurred the veto, so I collected a beautiful list of 33 names to use as firsts for Wolf, with help from the Berries…and my Husband only likes ONE of them: Tobias. Unfortunately, there is already one Tobias Wolff in the world, and it just feels weird…like naming a child Nathaniel Hawthorne or Nikolai Tesla. He does truly like Tobias, but I'm sort of lukewarm about it.

    The other names he didn't veto (but is definitely lukewarm about): Alaric, Atticus, Philemon, and Sebastian. He decided Gabriel is middle-only status. Remiel he didn't flat out veto, but it makes him picture a ratlike weaselly person. Which makes me SO SAD because I love this name and think it's beautiful and gentle and shepherd-like. Other names that I truly loved that met the veto: Balthazar, Edmund, Phineas, and Theodore.

    As you can see, I'm all over the place. At this point, I kinda feel like I've seen all the names that are within the spectrum of what I like. Anything else is either too common, already vetoed, or too out-there. It's kind of discouraging.

    Husband tends to lean toward Biblical names, perhaps because they're more familiar. Anything with a weird spelling, too ethnic, or otherwise "not practical" gets vetoed (Patrick got the axe because we're not Irish enough -_-).

    I want names to have a spark of magic and specialness. I do love word names, but Hubs only accepts them as middles. Astronomy, history, philosophy, literature, fantasy, mythology, and nature are my main sources of inspiration. I like the Biblical names too, but only if they're unusual – no Peter, Matthew, David, or John.

    Can you think of any names I may have missed? Should I just use Tobias as a middle for Caspian? What about Gabriel? Caspian Gabriel is rather lovely. Do you think Tobias Wolf works despite the association, and if so, any advice to help me love Tobias more?

    Suggestions, new name ideas, and comments are more than welcome. I'm just really confused!
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    Oh no. I'm at work on my phone and NB is being difficult so I won't comment much, I'll be back later. Two quick thoughts: Caspian Alaric sounds rather dashing and have you thought of Caspian Wolf? That might be too much for you, but I think it's pretty rad.
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    Sorry about the disarray of your boys' list. I can only sympathize to a degree, since my lists have to remain playthings as long as I remain unmarried!

    My thoughts on Tobias Wolf are that it's very handsome and I wouldn't change it unless you get lots of feedback from people saying they can only think of the author. I wasn't sure who Tobias Wolff was, so I Googled him. The good news there is that even the first Google page shows you he isn't the only Tobias Wolff in the world; the first page also yields Tobias Barrington Wolff (wow, I admire his parents' style!), a law professor at Penn Law.

    Tobias is one of my favorite boys' names. It's familiar, yet not crazy-popular; it's decidedly masculine, with a quiet, sturdy vibe (to me); it sounds Biblical without actually being so, if that makes a difference to you (the Biblical version is Tobiah); and it has an awesome meaning ("God is good.") It comes with happy, friendly nickname Toby, too, if you like nicknames.

    My thought on Caspian is that you should keep looking. Caspian Tobias doesn't sound so great, IMO, and while Caspian Gabriel is way better, I still prefer a bit more of a rhythmic mix-up when it comes to combos. Caspian and Gabriel actually sound quite similar side by side.

    Unusual Bible names I like, in no particular order:

    Jubal (I so wish people would use more of these J-names, instead of the same old Jacob, Joshua, Joseph, James! Those are all magnificent names which are losing their magnificence by virtue of overuse.)
    Othniel (I want someone to use this name so badly! I have never seen it in real life and don't know why. He was Caleb's nephew and son-in-law, the first judge of Israel.)
    Adonijah (I actually know a little boy with this name. Sibs are H0pe, Ed3n (boy), El1sha and H@nnah. If you end up with a Solomon, though, I wouldn't recommend this one--ugly sibling backstory.)
    Barnabas (Why has this never been in the U.S. Top 1000?)
    Zaccai (a recent find, courtesy of southern.maple. Or you could use the "Greekified" version, Zacchaeus.)

    Best wishes!
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    Oh no, my love, I'm so sorry! Bad Hubby, what shall we do with you? I like Fey's Caspian Wolf suggestion, but if I remember correctly you (by you I mean Hubs) want a "normal" middle for Caspian? If not I think Caspian Wolf's a-smashing. I like Caspian Gabriel as well, it's very sweet and angelic.

    I don't know if I can convince you on Tobias, but I will try. For me Tobias is one of these names that always seem to belong to someone very clever, intellectual and skilled, someone serious and educated. Probably because my father took me to temple a lot when I was little and Tobias is a popular name in the Jewish community. I actually had a rabbi named Tobias. Then there was this character in one of my favourite books when I was little, but it's Norwegian so I very much doubt you've read it. The Tobias character is a wise, old man who lives in a tower and predicts the weather. He's got a long beard. I don't think Tobias Wolf is a problem, I think it's far off from being the same as naming your child Nathaniel Hawthorne or Nikolai Tesla.

    I love aurora's suggestions of Othniel and Barnabas.

    Suggestions with Wolf:
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    If husband comes around to it more, I've always though that Sebastian and Tobias go really well together. Both have been on my list at times. I must say that I'm not a huge fan of Caspian Gabriel even though I like both names separately. Caspian Tobias works better since the cadences are a bit different and less redundant, so I much prefer that choice. Caspian Alaric works equally as well, though that's a lot of princes and kings in one combo.

    I don't think the author Tobias Wolf is that big an issue, but as a pp mentioned, perhaps Tobiah Wolf would seem a better option for you?

    (Also, forgive me because I know this is verging on blasphemy, but when I was writing them all out I couldn't help but think that Solomon Wolf and Tobias Fable would be pretty breathtaking. I obviously don't have your sentimentality to the combos though so I'm not sure you'd be willing to swap.)
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