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    We need help!!! A brother for Ryker

    I am due with baby boy #2 in two months and me and my husband can't agree on a name for the life of us! Our oldest is Ryker (3 yrs old) and he thinks his baby brother should be "monster truck jam truck".

    My husband came up with the name Truxton honoring our 3 yr olds idea. Haha! I like the name but I'm not in love. I love the name Beckham and others I have thought of are Archer, Dashell, Silas, Bridger, and Arlo.

    Me and my husband can't agree on anything and we need help with any suggestions. A lot of people seem to be loving Truxton but I feel it's a bit harsh and this baby's middle name will be Carson=too many "-on" endings maybe. Help please!

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    Tamojin ( Tam-oh-djin) / Temujin (Pron.same; original spelling Ghengis Khan's real name)

    Congratulatons and all the best!!

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    When I saw the title my immediate thought was Bridger. I see that that is a name you're considering. I also thought of Arlo, which you're also considering.

    From your other suggestions I do like Dashiell and Archer.
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    I immediately thought of Archer, but only if you don't have a problem with repeating "er" sounds, and reading your last name I realized it wouldn't sound good at all with two "Ar" sounds (ARcher CARson).

    Ryker and Bodhi
    Ryker and Grant
    Ryker and Hunter

    Hmmm.....will have to think on this one! I am having some trouble categorizing the name Ryker.
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    Out of your suggestions, I like Silas and Arlo. Good luck!
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