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    Oh, I like Balthazar Wolf! Congrats to you and hubby on agreeing on such a stunner! I like Caspian Eli, too; it's definitely better than Caspian Tobias, though I like Tobias better than Eli when they're alone.

    As a side note, I'm with saracita on the Prince Caspian movie. Ugh. Just ugh. Ben Barnes was too old for the part of Caspian, which apparently made Andy Adamson or his writers think, "Aha! Romance!" His accent is distractingly patchy, too. AND I was disgusted that the whole triumphal procession at the end of the book, with Aslan and the children, Bacchus and the Maenads, setting Narnia free, is totally and completely removed. I don't think Andy would have known what to do with the weird, symbolic joy of that passage. The movie is just way too Hollywood. I thought the only good scene in it is the one where Lucy is at the bridge with her dagger drawn, and the Telmarine army is on the other side. It looks like a totally uneven contest until Lucy glances back and smiles. Her face in that scene does the perfect job conveying that even though she's only one girl against an army, it doesn't matter, because she has Aslan behind her.

    I actually liked Dawn Treader better (it's my favorite book, too!), I was so disgusted with Prince Caspian. I only watched it because they swapped directors. The green mist plot is ridiculous, but I thought the other bits of the story actually were truer to the spirit of the book than Prince Caspian was to that book. Eustace and Reepicheep were great. And I loved the end, where Reepicheep goes over the wave into Aslan's country. For the record, Ben Barnes is a lot better as Caspian in Dawn Treader than in Prince Caspian. He's closer to the right age for this story, and he lost the stupid accent, grew a bit of beard, and quit being an annoying distraction to the story (Susan isn't there, haha!)

    Dear me, I seem to have written two whole movie reviews. I'm not opinionated either, of course! While I'm at it, I'll just say they need to start over. Reboot the whole series. The child actors are too old to go on now, anyway. Which is a bit of a shame, really, because I don't know where they'll find a better Lucy than Georgie Henley.
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    I don't have anything to add to this thread, but I'm loving some of the suggestions in here. I'm trying to freshen up my own list right now, and this has really helped. Thanks, Sessha!

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    Hurray for Balthazar Wolf! One of the coolest names ever.
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