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    I'm just going to throw a bunch of biblical/biblical sounding names out. Sorry for any repeats and for mentioning something you said was off the list.


    I don't care for the flow of Caspian Tobias but what about Caspian Tobiah?

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    does your husband just veto or does he also actively contribute to the name search? he sounds a bit hard to please, so i hope he's doing his part and not leaving it up to you to read his mind or something!

    if it bothers you that there is already a Tobias Wolff out there, have you checked other names that MEAN wolf? in other languages? Wolf, Wolfe, Wolff are the spellings i know of in English. i always liked the idea of Vuk as a fn - it means wolf in Serbocroatian. but i'm not sure how well it would work in English? (it is pronounced "vook"). then again, i don't think your hubby would go for something so ethnic, right?

    another thing to consider is how well-known Tobias Wolff is. i, for example, don't know him. also, Nikolai Tesla is in a different category for me, because it's two less common names combined. Tobias and Wolf (in whichever spelling) are more common by themselves.

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    Saw the latest update...Ethan Wolf is awesome!!

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    fey – That's the problem, I'd never heard of the author…which is saying something, as I read A LOT of books. I agree that Wolf works with a ton of names…the hard part is finding something my husband and I can agree on. Dorian, Noah, Thaddeus, Ezekiel, and Leander have all gotten the axe. I love the sound, look, and vibe of Jericho, but it doesn't have the most positive connotation in the Bible, so I'm not sure I could use it. I like Elias, Josiah, and Emmanuel from your list. Zachariah I like too, but I have a good friend Zechariah, so that might be weird, and there's also the repeated Z thing with Zion. Am I too picky? I feel like I'm becoming hopelessly picky. It's depressing. I'm glad you suggested Bible names! I would LOVE to find a Biblical name that works for the both of us, but so far Tobias seems to be the only one. Philemon would be the runner-up, but Husband thinks it's a little too studious and I'm hesitant about it sounding too similar to Solomon.

    casilda – Don't worry, we've been through so many names at this point that repeats and past vetoes are inevitable I love Azriel, but Hubs vetoed it. Cornelius, Ephraim, and Enoch are on my mulling-over list. Shadrach is kind of a fun idea…! I'm not sure I can see it on my own child, but it's definitely worth considering. I definitely see what you're saying about Tobias/Tobiah, but I know Hubby prefers it with the S.

    vc2013 – Husband has contributed a few names that he really loves, mostly for girls: Alice, Wren, and Lyra. He's just not a name nerd at all – I'm lucky he puts up with my constant list-building and combo-making. He is hard to please, but so am I, and we have such opposite taste in names that it's a lot of work to meet in the middle Thanks for the reassurance on Tobias Wolf, I'm glad that not everyone immediately thinks of the author. Vuk is cool, but it would never fly in this house. I like your idea though!

    sarah – We are definitely in the same boat as far as struggling to overlap our tastes! Ozias, I've never thought of that one before! Wonderful meaning, and I do love the Osias spelling…it makes me think of an oasis, probably because the anagram-ness. Caspian Caradoc would not work unfortunately, as our last name begins with a K – waaay too many hard C/K sounds. Amadeus has a lovely meaning too…is Amadeus Wolf too over-the-top Mozart? I'm also concerned that Hubby is going to look at it and see Asmodeus, an evil god in our D&D game. He does stuff like that sometimes…vetoed Corisande because it sounded like courtesan. ??? Aragorn, Tristan, Archer, and Peregrine were all vetoed, sadly. Elrond is tempting, and Quillan and Eleazar are going into the pile. I was stoked for Ethan Wolf, but when I looked up Ethan, he is number 3 on the SSA list!! THREE! I was shocked. I can handle top 500, and Malachi is even 168. My girls' names are also pretty high on the list (some in the top 100), but three?? I don't think I can do it. He'll be the next Aiden

    Thank you all for putting up with me, your suggestions and comments help a lot. I suppose the course of true name love never did run smooth!
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