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    People will joke about Casper and Gidget. I'm not sure how you pronounce Freyja but I'm pretty sure I don't like it. I like Soren.
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    I know I keep coming back to this thread but I always find something new to say.
    My brother gets referred to by his middle name (unlike the rest of us) so maybe as a back up plan you can give him a strong classic middle name as per the suggestion of your family members should the first name be a little too much. That way he always has something to fall back on.
    The school I went to was always very accommodating towards having a full name on file but whatever name you preferred to be called by on roll call (within reason). If the teasing gets to be a little too much one little trip to the administrative office shouldn't be too much of a big deal.
    A Nastasia who got called Nasty alot went and did this so her name on roll call became Tasha and I never knew her full name til long after.

    Also people have Dr. N. Henry Phillips... so I don't think it should be that bad.

    The middle name of Bridget would afford you a classic middle name and a nickname in Gidget.

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    I think all kids get teased a bit, but if there is something really weird about them (like a really crazy name) it will be a lot worse. I don't think any of your name choices are a cause for concern though, except Gidget. Uncommon names are pretty much the norm these days.
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    Giinkies - great advice, thank you! That is an idea that I'll keep in mind.
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    Also, if you maybe want to be a bit more indirect towards your family members/friends about using your name of choice... Just simply give your child the first name of a family member or close friend (who means alot to you) that is alive... ie a name that is already in use.
    If you give your child a first name that is already in use, not only are you honoring someone dear to you, but quite simply it will be a classic or common enough name that pleases the family (if that is important to you) but will be unusable as someone else has the name.
    It is not uncommon for people who have family names to get referred to by a middle name or a nickname.
    Give the kid whatever middle name you want and everyone will have to refer to him by it

    If you have any name you like (along the lines of Gidget) that you want to use but automatically vetoed, alot of people on here simply go into the naming forums and ask for a proper name for it. Like I want to name my child Poppy but it feels to nicknamish... So people suggest things like Penelope and Paloma, names that would feasibly lend itself to the nickname but look good on paper, i really is a common question on here.

    I have no idea why I keep commenting on this thread (most comments aside from threads I have posted myself)... I guess I just have alot of time on my hands :S

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