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    Name teasing...are you worried?

    Okay, so I want people's opinions on name teasing.

    I don't have any specific name to ask about because we don't find out the gender till Oct. 7 (seems so far away!), so while we are discussing names, we don't have anything concrete yet. I don't like discussing the names we like with our family and friends, but my husband is an open book, so he has mentioned names to some. And the reaction we get most is "aren't you worried about your child being teased in school? I think you should rethink your list".

    My opinion: if a kid wants to tease you, they will find a way, whatever your name is. But am I wrong here?

    The names we like are in my signature because I am not worried about the berries on here seeing, you guys seem more open-minded when it comes to names, but these are what my husband has told people. Should I really reconsider my list? Is name teasing something that should heavily be on my mind when looking at names?

    Thank you guys for your opinions!
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    Do I worry about name teasing? absolutely.
    However, I sort of agree with the notion that if someone wants to tease your kid they will find a way to do so.

    I like the names Casper and Sirius but I wonder about the connections to the friendly ghost and Sirius Black.
    I'm not pregnant nor trying to conceive, but you aren't the first person to ask this question here.
    I just get the impression that maybe the family and close friends that you ask for impressions on the name are more emotionally invested than we are, so maybe tend to overthink the name choice just like any concerned parent.
    I ask for opinions on nameberry because I see the people here as a sort of test audience for the name without the emotional attachment.

    Like I said, I have never been in this situation so I am not sure just how accurate my advice is. It is just that from the names on your list Casper is the one with the strongest association and even I think that this generation has been desensitized to the name as the cartoons are no longer relevant.
    The only one I don't care for is Gidget because it reminds me alot of Gadget.

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    I think that unless a name has really obvious teasing potential, you don't need to worry about it too much. I agree that if kids want to tease, then they will, regardless of the name. I don't really have experience with it...I do remember kids with names like Jake and Alex getting teased in middle school, and kids with more unusual names being left alone. Maybe it's different in elementary school, but I don't think names are that big of a factor with teasing.
    I also think, from helping out in second and fourth grade classes when I was in high school, that there are more and more unusual names going around for young kids. Their classmates are used to a wide variety of names, therefore an old-fashioned or unusual name is not really a target for teasing in and of itself.
    I don't think any of the names in your signature would be a problem! I've known a couple little Sorens, Astrid is the awesome girl from How To Train Your Dragon, and Casper and Freyja are charming as well. I'm not sure about Gidget, but it's pretty cute (sounds like a cool cyborg to me). I think any of them would fit in with the names I've seen in the classes I helped with. If you are thinking of other names in a similar vein I'm sure those would be fine too.
    Hope this helps!
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    Thank you guys! I should've mentioned that my family likes traditional or top 10 names, so our favorites really throw them off. Lu - that does help and makes me feel better. Giinkies - I agree, thank you!
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