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    I'd probably just smile and nod, and basically just ignore the suggestions- look disinterested, give a quiet "mmmhmm" while looking around for a new topic of conversation, or say "That's nice (but we've made our choice)." or "Oh yeah?" and leave it at that.

    I basically do that now when my friends get on-topic of their favourite names (which are not my style at all, so I try not to talk names with them).
    Friend: "Elliot is a great name for a girl!"
    Me: "Sure... so, how 'bout that local sports team?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    We didn't tell anyone any of the names we were really considering. When other people brought it up, we just joked about it, like I told my dad, "We're thinking Deblinda for a girl (smoosh of MIL and mom's names) or Lauroger for a boy (smoosh of FIL and dad's names), but we're not sure about the spelling yet. I'm thinking we should use an apostrophe." He was horrified. It was great.
    HAHAHA! That's an awesome response.

    Just stick with your guns. You don't have to consider any more names if you've decided already. A smart thing would be just don't bring up baby names with people if you don't want their input. Once the baby is there and you can say "Meet my baby Penelope", people will just shut up and love her (or Jack, obviously, if its a boy).
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    I just said "oh, I like that" or "that's nice, but we want a longer name" or "we can't use that because its too close to a relative's name".
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    I just smile and nod and usually say something like, "Oh, thats nice!" or "Oh, that's interesting!" and then change the conversation. I wouldn't say it's worth getting work up about - naming is just something most people find kind of fun and exciting so they like to talk about it. I def wouldn't assume it would mean they don't like your choices. We aren't telling anyone our name until baby arrives so that way they can keep their opinions to themselves - but since you've already told people, you'll prob just have to grin and bear the suggestions.

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    "What names are you thinking of?"

    "Well after tons of suggestions, we're 100% certain, no doubt about it, going with either Jack or Penelope."

    "But what about--"

    "We've heard them all. Thank you."
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