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    What do you do if you've decided the name, but people keep giving suggestions?

    I want to SCREAM! My husband and I have decided on the name of our baby boy or girl, I've shared our names (Jack or Penelope) and people keep giving suggestions! Stop it! I don't want to consider any more options. I feel like I have to think about their suggestions, then I'm wondering, do they not like our picks? Sush people, I'm happy!

    How do you handle this?

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    The way a lot of my friends have handled that is by just saying "We've got a good idea of the names we want, but we're keeping it a surprise for after the baby arrives".
    That way you don't share the names and don't open yourself up to suggestions. The ball stays in your court.
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    Ok, I don't have personal experience with this yet, but I'm sure I will very soon. We didn't find out with our first, or announce our name choices, until after baby was born. This time around we are finding out the gender and sharing the name at the same time. My plan is to have each of my two sweet sisters and my mom give us a gift that has been monogrammed with baby's name. That way, whenever anyone starts to say, "Did you consider..." I can stop them by saying, "Too late now. We have too much $ wrapped up in monogramming! Oh well." Hopefully, they will take the hint.
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    We didn't tell anyone any of the names we were really considering. When other people brought it up, we just joked about it, like I told my dad, "We're thinking Deblinda for a girl (smoosh of MIL and mom's names) or Lauroger for a boy (smoosh of FIL and dad's names), but we're not sure about the spelling yet. I'm thinking we should use an apostrophe." He was horrified. It was great.

    Their suggestions don't necessarily mean they dislike your choices. They may just prefer another name or want to feel like they had some input. It's annoying, but try not to get too bent out of shape about it. Just smile and nod. You aren't obligated to consider their suggestions, it's your kid to name.
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    Try to be really firm when telling them the names you picked. If they offer selections explain that you already have your names. We haven't really had any issues with it and we told everyone our kids names before they were born. But we made it clear that we had selected the names and we were already referring to the fetus using those names.
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