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    Help! Need a name for our first daughter

    Hubby and I are expecting our third child which will be our first GIRL! Big brothers are Braden and Carter. We are trying to find a name that flows with theirs but is still feminine and not too popular. Our picks so far are:

    Sadie (my fav)
    Harper (hubby's fav but fear it may be getting too popular)
    Elsie (thought it was a cute old-fashioned name but not sure how it would mature)
    Adelyn (different and like the nn Addie)

    Any other ideas would be appreciated!!

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    My favorite is Sadie! it's sweet and spunky, I think! An 'A' name would be cute, though, since then you'd have an A, B, and C. I don't personally love Adelyn, but there are so many pretty A names - Adair, Arianne, Autumn, Aspen, Ailish, Athena, etc... (Plus I think Addie is quite popular now!). Other options might be names with an R and A, or an E and R in them, like your boys' name....Harper fits very well, but it is super popular. I like Elsie - it is very sweet and I think you could always name her Elsa for when she's older. I've also heard of people calling their daughter's Elsie who are actually named L- C- in Lark Corinne or Lucia Clementine, etc....Other options might be Meadow, Scarlett, Jemma, Lark, Lilac, Daisy, Daphne, or Marlowe. Good Luck!

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    Sadie and Elsie are my favorites!

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    My favorite might be Adelyn - also like the ABC as a pp said, and I prefer full names with nicknames.

    Sadie is sweet but sounds a bit like Braden and again, I'm kind of biased against nicknames as names, although really it's fine - it's a little close to Braden, but ultimately it's not TOO close. Sarah nn Sadie would get a stronger vote from me.

    Similarly with Elsie - I think it would age fine enough, but Elsa would age better. And you could call her Elsie. Elsie might also work as a nickname for Elisabeth, Elisa, Elise, Eloisa, Elsbeth (but I think Elsa works best with Braden and Carter, although Elisabeth and Elisa work pretty well). I think, as nicknames as full names go, Sadie wears better than Elsie.

    Harper, I'd let got of - besides your popularity concerns, it sounds too much like Carter for me!

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    I like Adeline, but not really with the lyn ending. I think Elsa nn Elsie would be nice. But out of your choice ( not my suggestions) I think Sadie is the clear winner with your sons names.
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