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    Uncommon, Substantial Girl Names

    We are set on a boy name but are still undecided for a girl. I prefer names that have a longer history of use and have never been really popular. Most of the names we're considering have been given to fewer than 50-75 girls in recent years. My daughter's given name is inspired by a civil rights activist so I would like some link to a person my future daughter could be proud to share a name with as well.

    Thank you!
    Mom to 2 girls ♥ Bayard McConnell "Bay" & Marguerite Davis "Maple"

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    Harriet (Tubman, Shaw-Weaver)
    Ida (Craft, B Wells)
    Camille (Paglia)
    Naomi (Wolf)
    Margaret (Sanger)
    Anais (Nin)
    Simone (de Beauvoir)
    Rosalind (Franklin)
    Hypatia (first female mathematician)
    Sojourner (Truth)
    Ernestine (Rose)
    Matilda (Gage)
    Ayaan (Hirsi Ali)
    Frida (Kahlo)
    Myna (Futrell)
    Maya (Angelou)

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    Edana - means" tiny flame" - practically non exsistant in "popularity" Is my daughters first name. Pronouced Ed-Ah-Na or Ed-Ana or E-Dan-a depending on who you ask...

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