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    Simeon v. Simon.

    Hello! I am Lottie - a fairly average teenager who is not having a baby! (:

    I am not usually posting in the boys' baby names section because I really like to play baby name games, but I do have a particular conflict ensuing in my mind as I type. I really like the name Simon, but I equally adore the name Simeon. I love the name Simon because of its Bible reference to Simon Peter and long I, and I love Simeon for its long E and quick first two syllables. I'd like to ask for the opinions of Berries on to which is their favorite - other opinions might broaden my perspective on which is a more suitable name.

    Thanks for reading! (:
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    I think Simeon is a bit of an unnecessary syllable if Simon is also considered as a possibility. And for the record I don't consider Simon to be a "Bible" name at all, no more than I consider it a Macedonian name.

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    I like Simeon better. It has more quirk. I feel like it has all the interesting parts of Gideon, but all the charm of Simon. It feels equally Hebrew AND Biblical to me; I just love it. Simon's much more mainstream, but I find Simeon to be so much cooler. Simon has better associations (Simon Peter), but Simon and Simeon are related, so I am not too fussed on that angle. I do like Simon, but not nearly so much as Simeon!
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    I prefer Simeon. It has a completely different feel than Simon. Simeon has a spark that I don't find with Simon.
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    I prefer Simon, but they are both very nice They are both Biblical

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