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    Playing around with middles/combos

    Originally I was pretty set on the combo of Sadie Mary Grace for a daughter, honoring grandmothers on both sides of the family (Sarah, Mary Lou, and Grace) and saving the last grandmother's name (Gwenyth) for another combo.

    Then I found another name DH agrees on (which is rare! we have such different tastes) which is Quinn. And when I started playing with combos I found that I liked Quinn Gwenyth Grace or Quinn Mary Grace just as much. So I'm just trying to play around with combos using family names or variants of family names (including feminizations of male names).
    Anyone up for some brainstorming?

    Using Sadie and Quinn in the first spots, and any of the following/variants/feminizations/pieces of the following in the middle:

    Mary Lou
    Gwenyth Jane
    Jeanne (Jean-knee) Rae
    Colleen Marie
    Owen Charles
    Daniel Alfred
    Leonard Emil
    Rueben Francis

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    I love Sadie! I only like Quinn as a middle name on girls. I personally just like one middle name, so Sadie Grace or Sadie Jane would be my pick.

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    I should mention that our last name is Page. So names like Sadie Jane Page or Quinn Jane Page are either too heavy on long "a" sounds or 1-1-1 patterns just don't sound pleasant to my ear. Which is why I chose to break these up a bit with 2 middle names.

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