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    Help with school story characters.

    I'm writing a story about high schoolers in World War III. (it's a prompt from school)

    I don't need middle names for the characters, but just out of love for names I often give them one

    My main character is Ashton Peter Hall. He has two little brothers, Noah Jared and Charlie Ian. I need a name for his sister. She's an eighth grader who is very athletic. She isn't close to Ashton until the war starts. Their parents are Charlotte and John.

    Ashton has two best friends, Jay (James Edward Parker II), and the other one needs a name. His surname will be Ferguson. He's on the quieter side, but still friendly. During the war he is very heroic.

    The three main guys will have female companions during the story. The first is Julia Kennedy, the second and third need names. The surnames should be Crawford and Gardener.

    They will also be helping out a younger, freshman classmate who needs a name. It will be an average, quiet boy who needs a pretty average name.

    Thank you sooo much!

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    What about
    Savannah for the sister
    Tommy (Tom, Thomas) for the friend
    Joelle Crawford and Celia Gardner for the companions
    Owen Jameson for the classmate.
    hope this helps!

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    The sister: Nova
    The Friend: Sterling Ferguson
    The Companions: Kresley Crawford and Vertigo Gardner
    The Classmate: Dyson
    I know that these are all really weird names, but I just figured that in the time period of World War 3, names would have changed some, so yea. Good Luck!

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    Esther for the sister. A simple, short middle name for her too.

    The friend could be Louis, nn Lou, Ferguson.

    Erica Crawford and Michelle Gardener for the female companions.

    For the classmate Thomas or Mark or James could work, simple middle names here too. Like John or Jim, like a classic family name maybe.
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    Okay, these are kind of off the top of my head, based on your descriptions -

    Sister -

    I'm thinking Lydia or Eva - they fit well with the three brother's names.

    The Friend - Emmett/Emery Lucas Ferguson.

    The Companions - Katherine Valeria 'Kate' Gardener, Noella Rosalie Crawford

    The Freshman - Micah Anthony Fitz
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