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    Trying after a Miscarriage

    Hi everyone! I am new on the site and this is my first post. I have long been a lurker here, and finally decided to sign up.

    So I have a little guy who is 2. My DH and I decided to start TTC at the beginning of July and we got pregnant pretty fast. We were excited and found out the baby was due in April 2014, the same month my son would turn 3. I stupidly told my mother, who went on Facebook and told everyone. Long story short, I ended up miscarrying last month at 7 weeks. At first, it was very hard to handle. I blamed myself, and my DH blamed himself. It is easier now, especially when I found out that there was an abnormality with the fetus. I don't know how hard it would have been if the pregnancy miscarried in the 2nd trimester. Luckily I didn't need a D&C and had a complete miscarriage.

    I want to start trying to conceive at least by the end of the year. My DH is scared though, because he thinks if I get pregnant quickly I will miscarry. His definition of quickly is within the next 6 months or so. I wanted to get others opinions on this subject. If anyone has miscarried, how long did you wait?

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    I believe you should wait for at least one normal cycle (one period) after your miscarriage before you can start trying again. Of course, you can wait longer if you want to, but there's no medical reason why you should. Supposedly, you're particularly fertile in the three months after a miscarriage. If you conceive quickly after a miscarriage, there's no reason to think you are more likely to miscarry that pregnancy. It's no more likely than if you wait for six months.
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    I miscarried (my second miscarriage) in August 2012. Two months later I found out I was pregnant again, on birth control. I conceived before I even had a period, and I was terrified. My pregnancy was relatively smooth (just annoying but not dangerous side effects) and my daughter was born healthy at 41 weeks.

    I think it's sometimes recommended to wait a few months, so ask your doctor.
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    I miscarried my first at the end of 2011. My OB said its best to wait 3 full, normal cycles before trying again. We ended up waiting a year because I didn't feel emotionally ready. Once we did start trying again, we got pregnant on the 2nd cycle. Personally, I think waiting is better than rushing it but you have to follow your gut. Good luck!

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    Thanks sarahmezz, leadmythoughts, and cvdutch31! A month to a few months seems to be a good idea. So hard to wait though.

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