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    Generation 3 round 3..last round *BAILIBSMUM*

    Scout Kate & Orion Hunter Johnson are expecting again.. this time it's just 1 little girl that will be joining Blaise, Clay & Huds. Amara and lillia they want their daughter to have a name that goes with her siblings and the Middle name has to be biblical.

    DS/DS/DS: Blaise Adam, Hudson Micah, Clay Simeon (savbav)
    DD/DD: Amara Ruth & Lillia Eve (Savbav)


    Lydia Florence & Sawyer Jack Miller are on their 3rd pregnancy yet this time they are expecting a boy .. they want a nice handsome name but not too long and semi popular middle name from the top 100's.

    DD: Lana Jane Louise *L.J* (mam2321)
    DS/DD: Noah Seth & Arden Laurel (meganlee2012)


    Novalia Elise & Hunter Apollo Garrett have had 2 more children since finn and axel and they are now expecting their last little girl.. they still want 4 letter FN's and classical middles..
    DD/DD: Esme Charlotte/Cara Adelaide (bb)
    DS/DS: Finn Walter & Axel Neville (bb)
    DD: Iris Aurelia
    DS: Reid Lachlan


    Phoenix Amber & Logan Halifax Walmsley are currently finally expecting a little girl to join Austin & Holden they would like to have a similar trendy FN, She will also have 2 middle names they want to have an unusually prettty name and a short and sharp name.

    DS: Austin Zenox-Troy (babynamingbailey)
    DS: Holden Topher Jack (bb)


    Noah Christopher & Mackenzie Lauryn Garrett are expecting again. They have now married and have a double barrelled surname.. Stevens-Garrett they want their 3rd set of children to have a nice names like their brothers but it cannot be J or E beginning for the FN or MN. as his elder brothers already have that.

    DS/DS: Jakob Eli & Evan Jack (savbav)
    DS: Isaac Cole (shanade213)


    Luca Samuel & Aya Jodelle Harris are expecting........ a boy.. they are still liking the hyphened first name. but as its their last anything goes..

    DD: Eva-Grace Snow (savbav)
    DD/DS: Leah-Rae Jade & Felix-Lee Brick (lizzycsa)


    James Denver & Dahlia Jade Stevens are having triplets 3 girls.. there is an M theme so they want to stick with that... this time they want the name to be trendy/pretty and the middle name. Nothing like malia's as she has 2 A ending names.. they do not want this for their other girls.

    DD/DS: Malia Portia Stevens & Micah Lennox Stevens (Wanderlux)
    DS: Madden Louis Stevens


    Jackson Duke Harper married Reverie *Ever* Ashton Walmsley they are expecting once again for the last time they are having boy/girl twins.... They Love Arizona & Avonlea, Killian & kingsley's and feel that they ar euniue and have their own individual personalities from having unusual names.. there is no letter theme to stick to with the last pregnancy btu they do want nature names still for the middles..

    DD: Arizona Rayne Harper
    DD: Avonlea Spring Harper (mam2321)
    DS/DS: Killian Zephyr & Kingsley River (bb)


    Emerson Taleah & Zachary Michael Samson are expecting a little girl.. it has been 4 years since the twins were born.. they would like their little girl to have 2 middle names.. and to be as pretty as scarletts.. 1 middle needs to start with a T.. the other an to contain an E and M
    DS: Wyatt Zaylen Samson (babynamingbailey)
    DS/DD: Colton Zane & Scarlett Talitha (savbav)


    Amelia Verity & Dylan Mark Richards are on their last pregnancy, they have chosen to stay with the double letter name theme.. they are due with twins 1 boy and 1 girl.. they have asked Willow to pick her new brothers middle name & Dillon to pick his new sisters this will be their last children they feel that their elder children should have some input on their names. Just stick to the double letters in the first name.. and the middle names need to go with the fn and her siblings names. no other restrictions on the names.

    DD: Willow Avery (mam2321)
    DS: Dillon Sage (Hayitzsophia)
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