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    Baby #4 - if it's a gorgeous girl

    Hi all,

    We've already got three children - Harriet (7) and twins Joseph and Abigail (4) - and we thought that was going to be that. Once the twins started school, the plan was for me to go back to work part time, but it seems nature got in the way and we've ended up expecting another baby again, due in March. We don't know the gender yet, and I'm not sure whether we're going to find out, we did with the twins but not with our eldest.

    We want something a bit classic with a cute nickname, and these are the ones we've come up with so far.

    Lillian (Lily)
    Evelyn (Evie)
    Matilda (Tilly)
    Eleanor (Ellie)

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated - names we can't use are Charlotte, Amelia, Rachel, Florence, Ruby

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    I like:
    Evelyn (Evie)
    Eleanor (Ellie)

    Harriet, Joseph, Abigail & Evelyn - Evie.
    Harriet, Joseph, Abigail & Eleanor - Ellie <----gets my vote.
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    You can't really go wrong with any of these options to be honest, but:

    Lillian (Lily) - I hear Lily a lot but I still like it.
    Evelyn (Evie) - Evie's cute but my liking of Evelyn depends on pronounciation - Eve-lyn I like but not Ev-uh-lyn.
    Olivia - A bit trendy in comparison to your other kids' names.
    Emily - Nice but lacks the spark some of your other choices have.
    Jessica - Again, nice, but depending where you live it might be seen as a bit dated. I'm assuming you don't mind the repeated J initial.
    Matilda (Tilly) - Matilda seems in a bit of a different style to your other kids' names. I know you're saying nn Tilly but you might lose control over nicknames and end up with Hattie and Mattie one day - a bit too close I'd say.
    Eleanor (Ellie) - Works well but I find Ellie a bit overdone as I've known so many.

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    Congrats on the pregnancy! To go with Harriet, Joseph, and Abigail I particularly love - Lillian and Evelyn. I also adore many of your other options, like Matilda and Eleanor, I just think that Lillian and Evelyn fit more with the style of your other children.

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    I really like your list and your children's names, I think we have similar taste! My favourites are Lillian, Evelyn and Matilda.

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