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    Thanks everyone. We're going to take Elliot off the list, I think it's too close to Harriet and my husband will have to come round to only using it as a middle name if at all. Interesting that Samuel and Oliver seem to be the two favourites. We were seriously considering Samuel with the twins, if they had been boy/boy we'd have used Joseph and Samuel, and we had a tough decision which one to use out of the two for our son anyway.

    Would it seem like we're giving this baby a 'leftover' name if we use a name we'd previously considered for an older sibling? That's my main worry with using Samuel, as much as I love it, I don't want him to think we didn't put any thought into coming up with a new name for him.
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    Samuel gets my vote. All of your names are very different, but very classic and practical. Samuel has that same vibe to me.

    Oliver would be my second choice.

    What about Nicholas?
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    No its not leftover at all! I think you should look at it as not being able to use both names you loved before!

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    I don't think it's leftover but it's kind of funny how it feels that way, isn't it? That somehow there just isn't a baby named Samuel and it's not really available this time. But I think that's just in the mommy brain not how it would seem to your son or others.
    I actually love Elliott with your kids and don't find it too close to Harriet. But I see it's off your list. From the others, I like Edward and Samuel.


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    Samuel sounds perfect with sibs, imo. Matthew works well too, but it feels the least stylish of your names, if that means anything to you. And yes, I do think Elliot is too close to Harriet.

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