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    Baby is here - unsure of name

    Hi there,

    I was going to call my baby boy Hudson to go along with his siblings Amelia, Liam and Violet but not sure if he suits the name. We are also considering Dylan and are open to other suggestions. Do Dylan and Liam sound too similar? Feel free to offer your input - we have one more week before we have to make it official. I kind of like Elliot but it might be a little too unisex for us.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Elliott Is super cute. I don't think of it as a unisex name. Hudson is also cute and unique, which is nice, because your other kids have very trendy names, Hudson would stray from that and I think that's great. If you want to have a trendy name to go along with your other kids trendy names then Elliott would be great. If you want to stray from trend and do something unique, then Hudson is a good choice. Both are nice names.

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    I love Elliot!! My second choice would be Hudson.

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    I love Dylan, I don't think it is too close to Liam at all. I like Elliott as well, but don't like that it shares the same ending as Violet.

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    I like Elliott the best, I don't think of it as unisex. I also think that Elliott is pretty classic and that, between the two, Hudson sounds much more trendy. I do personally think that Dylan and Liam are a bit too similar.

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