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  • Yes, it is a usable name

    13 22.03%
  • Yes, though I strongly associate it with Mrs. Lestrange

    20 33.90%
  • Maybe

    4 6.78%
  • No, I do not think it is usable

    11 18.64%
  • No, I associate the name strongly with Mrs. Lestrange

    11 18.64%
  • Indifferent

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    Is Bellatrix usable?

    No I don't plan on using this name or adding it to the list, just curious.

    So I googled Bellatrix and was surprised to discover it was the 27th brightest star in the sky and the brightest star in the constellation of Orion; To me, it is one of the few stars that would easily lend itself to name, which I thought was really cool. However with this search most of the pictures that came up were for Bellatrix Lestrange.
    I also googled 'is Bellatrix usable?' and on the Q&As a good chunk of people (though not everyone) said no as they automatically associate it with Mrs. Lestrange.

    For me, Bellatrix is reminiscent of Beatrix, Isabella, Trixie and Belle which are common enough names, so I never exclusively associated her with the name or would assume that anyone using the name would be essentially naming a child after this character.

    Bellatrix Lestrange is a sociopath so I can understand the concerns for people who strongly associate the name with her, despite the fact that it was a pre-existing star and Ms Rowling did not invent the name. It actually is a Latin name that means "female warrior" or a name that is the sum of its parts Bella + Trix: Bella- "beautiful", Trix- "voyager (through life); blessed", Trixie- "bringer of joy".

    So I am setting up a poll for this but you can feel free to leave the comments below.
    I am also leaving this question and Poll indefinately open so anyone else interested can just bump this to get new responses.

    NB I closed 2 previous threads on this topic (ironically^^) and opened a new one.
    1st time I didn't mean to ask if you liked the name. I meant to ask if you consider it usable or unusable without making the association to Mrs. Lestrange
    2nd time, someone said their answer was closer to a maybe, which I hadn't taken into consideration as my middle ground was indifferent.
    Hopefully 3rd time is a charm and I am sorry for spamming out this page... I wish there was a delete button for these threads
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    Hmm. This is a difficult one. I've always been obsessed with Latin names (Latin nerd!) and astronomy, and Bellatrix has always been one of my favourties. It means "female warrior" which I really like, and it's a star in Orion which is a lovely constellation.

    Then I read Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix... and, well, she's not that nice is she? But... I'm fascinated by her. She's a bad seed, yes, but she's a powerful woman, an extremely skilled witch, and she does have some nice qualities like loyalty, faith, courage, passion and devotion. And she was portrayed by my favourite actress in the movies.

    So I'm casting my vote for "yes, though I strongly associate it with Mrs Lestrange". People name their children names of other not so sympathetic characters all the time (Holden, Patrick, Milo, Fred, Tom, Alec, etc).
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    Yes it's usable, though - as Otter said - a Bellatrix born in the next twenty years is likely to hear a lot of HP references.

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    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

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    I'm copying and pasting comments from the previous 2 threads so that I can have all the comments in one thread (for my peace of mind) and also for anyone else interested:

    Jem:"I love the name Bella, and I love the name Beatrix, but I would not personally use Bellatrix because I do get a strong Ms. Lestrange reference from it. However, I do often consider Hermione; the difference being, as you said, the fact that Ms. Lestrange was indeed a sociopath. Like you said though, Ms. Lestrange does not 'own' the name by any means. While I would not feel comfortable using it, I still think that it's not too unusable. Best ofluck!"

    Bluesparrow5684:"Well i certainly like the name... However when i see the name it automatically puts it in association with Bellatrix Lestrange....
    I voted no but im more in the maybe column.. I think she could make the name her own and then the association would be for a lovely little girl.. Not a very strange fictional lady.. "

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    Ottilie: During my research on the name, I did discover that it was a Latin and that it meant "female warrior". However, for me it wasn't one of the things that attracted me to the name, so I overlooked it. But I will edit my question now to include it, as you brought to my attention the fact that it was a selling point for others.

    Renrose: I think it is usable as well... but the fact that so many people associate it with Harry Potter sort of bothers me, though I do love those books.

    For me, Bellatrix has a cute and playful quality about the name, yet at the same time it is very haunting and melodic. It is a name I cannot overlook as I think that it demands attention due to it's rarity. The name has history to it, is a star that shines brightly and also has an unforgettable name sake - love her or hate her, she was a very unforgettable character in the novel.
    It is not stylistically the type of name I am looking for... but it fascinates me. At this point in time I probably would not add this to my list, just a guilty pleasure (that I do not feel guilty about liking). I never associated the name with her due to the fact that I find it to be a perfectly usable name and I was actively shocked that so many responders felt adamant that it was unusable due to this association.

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