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    I really do like Emmaline, it's very sweet and girly, however I'm not loving it paired with the super popular Abigail, which to me sounds quite tough.

    While your boys names are not my style, they work together quite well, but I have to agree with your husband on the Ellis Allen thing.

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    I love the name Ellis, so I say leave it. Michael Ellis combo sounds more like a first and last combo,
    rather than if you left it Ellis Michael, which I really like. It's different, but super cute. I don't care for Ellis Allen,
    it didn't remind me so much of Ellis Island until you wrote that, but I don't like the flow as much as Ellis Michael.

    I really love all the combos you have, and I love your son's name, Owen Thomas.
    I think all the names would also pair up great with his as a sibset. Good luck to you!
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    Your names are lovely. Have your decided which boy and girl name to pair if they don't turn out to be identical and you have ne of each?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    You do realise it's almost impossible to tell if twins identical before they're born?
    They're always identical in fantasy land. ;-)

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    One of our twins is Abigail, so I'm a bit biased but it's a great name. I think Emily would match it a bit better than Emmaline though. Alexander also happens to be my son's middle name, so again I'm biased there. I like Elliot better than Ellis though. Is it coincidence you've picked A and E names for both combinations or is it significant in some way to have those initials?
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