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Thread: Adjective Noun

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    Adjective Noun

    We would like to use Wilder, but it occurred to me that this name is an adjective that may sound funny next to our last name, which is a (less common) noun.

    Wilder Lingo

    Does that strike you as an adjective-noun combo?

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    Yes, a bit, but I kind of like it.

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    Yikes, yea, it kinda does. And in a dorky sorta way too. Like, "Who uses wilder lingo than a clown?" Sounds like something my grandma would say.
    That's a tough surname.

    What about Wyatt?
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    Yeah, sorry but "Wilder Lingo" sounds a bit punny along the lines of "North West" :/ It sucks when your surname doesn't match!
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    Yes, but I still like the name.
    I do not think it is anywhere near North West territory though.
    North is a cardinal point and a not really a name (or at least a very rarely used word name). Although not my first choice, I can see Wilder as a name (I really think of Oscar Wilde).

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