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Thread: Naming My Twins

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    I really really like Evenie. However, I find myself saying Evenine when I say it out loud. I think I like that even more. I guess it's made up, but it sounds traditional to me. Maybe the spelling looks too much like evening? What about... Evanine? Ooh, I quite like that. What do you think?

    Edit: Oops, I see my advice is too late! Well regardless, I quite like Evenie

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    Of all your options, I think Everly Kate/Jane and Amelia/Emilia Kate/Jane would be the best. They are different enough to be distinguished from each other, plus make Evie and Lia so easy to come by, you wouldn't be stretching to get your nicknames.

    I like Everly Kate and Amelia/Emilia Jane the most. I'm 50/50 with the Amelia/Emilia spellings, but if you would prefer they start with a different letter then I'd use the A, if you like the same initial, go with E.

    I agree with previous posters, I think Evenie sounds invented/like a smoosh name, not my style.

    I also like Rosalie and Lydia as sisters, but I wouldn't use Lia for Lydia, she'd probably just be Lydia, as it isn't that long of a name in the first place. Rosalie would probably become Rosie.

    Bottom line, I like Everly Kate + Amelia Jane or Rosalie Kate + Lydia Jane.

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    I like Lydia Jane. And Evie Kathleen.
    Or aria Kathleen.
    What about Stephanie with nn..stevie..Evie.

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    @spacecow1993 - Not too late! It's just repeated which is helpful to see that more than 1 person feels that way. How about Evanie? Would that be better than Evenie? Less like Evening? I don't really like Evenine/Evanine, but I like Evenie and Evanie equally I think, so I'm open to both!

    @axps123 how do you pronounce Amelia? I've always thought of it as A-meal-ee-a and Emilia as Em-e-lee-a. I prefer Emilia, and the starting with the same letter isn't great, but I don't really mind. I see what you mean about Lydia being Lydia not Lia... hm, something to think about!

    @5fish - I like Stephanie, but one of my closest friend's names is Stephanie so I can't use it. And I don't like Stevie or see the transition to Evie. But good idea!
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    I think I do like Evanie slightly better than Evenie, but I like them both. Evanie looks easier to pronounce, but it also looks like she's named after an Evan

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