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Thread: Naming My Twins

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    @silverr I'm not really a fan of the middle name idea because Jane and some form of Katherine have to be the mn for family reasons, but thanks anyways! Evana and Evania are cool names, I've never heard of them before! Are they pronounced Evan-a / Evan-ee-a or I-vaughn-a / I - vaughn-ee-a or something else?

    @mischa oh I like Emilia and Rosalie, and Everly and Aria, and Evenie and Aria.
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    Evenie Kate and Lydia Jane are beautiful together; but I think Catherine would be so pretty, too. So:

    Evenie Catherine & Lydia Jane
    Evenie Jane & Lydia Catherine

    I like the latter choice, not sure if you thought of switching yet : )
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    Evenie and Everly are NMS. I love Evie too but just plan to use Eve.

    Other ways to get to Evie...

    You could also always do the double barrel name like Eve-Lily Katherine and Lydia Jane
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    Evie and Lydia sound great together, very well matched I think, both vintage names.

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    Lydia Jane & Everly Kate sound so good together! Plus they both have "ly" in their name, which I think is cute. As twins they'll (hopefully!!!) have a strong bond, and having those two letters in both of their names shows that.

    Lydia "Lia" Jane & Everly "Evie" Kate!
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