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Thread: Naming My Twins

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    What does your dh not like about Evangeline? Too long?

    Some serious but shorter ev names to go with Lydia:
    Evanthe (I esp like this for you)
    I also think just plain Evie does work as a first.

    Also, more thoughts on Everly:
    There is a bias on this site towards timeless names. I often like old names, but I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with actually being from the era you are in, yknow? Everly is a modern name. It's not vintage or classic. But I don't think it's insubstantial, either. I think it's very pretty and will age well. I think most ppl irl are going to like it.

    My name is very specific to the time period I was born in and it's a great name. I've always liked it. I don't think timeliness alone should sway you, especially if you were otherwise set on these names together. If you've organically soured on them, it might make sense to look at other options, but, idk, I think Everly is really nice, esp in this sibset, with these middles.

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    @lemonthistle - Not sure exactly why he doesn't like it, but he really hates it. Evadne and Evanthe I don't really like. I don't know why, I just don't. I'm glad so many people are actually coming around to Everly! I haven't mentioned the names to anyone in real life (except DH), because I don't want the whole "Ew, why that?" thing and it'll be easier when the girls are born to be like "this is a and this is b." So thanks!
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    @isabellemarie - thanks for your imput!

    @lululemonmee - you're the first person to like Cassia! I loved Cassia, but the more I look at it, the more I dislike it. I don't like the nn Cass (ass), and growing up I always wanted a nickname, so I don't know what I would nickname her (Sia? I don't like Sisi (like Cece), so idk). Maybe for my next daughter...
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    Not a fan of Everly because it remind me of Beverly, but I love Lydia nn Lia!
    Have you considered Evana or Evania
    What about an E name, with a V middle name giving you Evie?
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    Because I prefer classic and timeless names to more trendy choices, here is my advice to you for naming your twins.

    If you don't mind shared initials for the twins choose...Elodie Kate and Emilia Jane

    If you want the twins to have their own initials and unique endings choose...Emilia Jane and Rosalie Kate (my faves) or Lydia Jane and Rosalie Kate

    I'm not a fan of Evenie or Everly but if you decide to use them, I think they pair better with these more modern-sounding names.

    Evenie and Cassia
    Everly and Cassia
    Evenie and Aria
    Everly and Aria
    All the best,

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