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    Lightbulb Does a long ethnic surname go with a non ethnic name?

    Hi guys,

    Dilemma! We have quite a long and ethnic surname from incl. (-) however we are Christians and we wish to give our baby a modern cool name that is not ethnic and unknown. It is already hard as it is to spell the whole surname at least give our kids a simpler more familiar names.

    What do you guys think? would be too strange?

    is there any guides or names you can suggest?

    I will gladly private message my dear long surname for those of who are interested to help out and give some suggestions. for boys and girls
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    I dont think it would be too bad, as long as the name is under 6 letters long it shouldn't be too bad. (Email me the name and I will help you out).

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    Absolutely. I think it's great to have something familiar and wearable as either a fn, mn or nn, and I don't worry too much about matching ethnicity between first and last name as I do about giving the kid a good full name they can carry all their life, if they choose.

    Something like Anne Suriyanarayanan or Daniel Korhonen-Salo or Ava François-Lefèvre is just fine. In today's world a lot of names are popular in all sorts of countries. I'm not sure I'd choose Saoirse Suriyanarayanan or Giuseppe Korhonen-Salo, but something like George or Jane goes with anything.

    Feel free to PM your surname if you wish.

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    I grew up with a very good friend whose last name was Iranian and spelled like ______-_________. Her parents chose easy-on-the-ears-yet-unique, but not traditionally ethnic names for their children. I think this is a great way to balance out the weight of a long last name without it sounding out of place. Ex: Laila for a girl, or Silas for a boy.
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    Thank you guys.

    Yes, a short fn that is easy to spell and remember will best. I have PM you with my last names and names that I have in mind, will appreciate your inputs


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