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    Middle Name for Audrey

    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first ever post on Nameberry so forgive me if it gets too long! We are having a third baby, due in January, and despite two ultrasounds at 19wks and 21 wks, they can't be sure of the sex. I think it's a girl, and the two techs both said they 70% feel like it's a girl, but no certainty. That being said we have two boys (Aiden Hensley and Rory Peace) and are trying to come up with a girl name. My husband who can never settle on a name suddenly decided he LOVED Audrey, not my fav but he feels really strongly so we're going with it. MY question: any ideas for a good middle name? We both love British sounding names and aren't afraid of something unique but we've got no ideas! Also, our back up boy name is most likely Alistair James or Alistair Jude.

    So, any middle names for Audrey? Bonus question: is Alistair too "out there"? We both love it but I'm worried our more traditional minded friends/family will balk at it.

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    I love Audrey!

    What about,
    Audrey Plum
    Audrey Pearl
    Audrey Kate
    Audrey Harper
    Audrey Florence
    Audrey Beatrice
    Audrey Mirabelle

    I do not think Alistair is too out there at all, but it is unique! It's a great name and I think you should use it if the baby happens to be a boy. (ps I LOVE Alistair Jude)

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    Lots of nice mn suggestions by pp.
    Alistair is def not too out-there! A great name, not overly popular.

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    Audrey Blythe, Audrey June or Audrey Jane. I love one syllable names with Audrey (if that isn't obvious!) Also, Alistair Jude is incredibly handsome - I love Alistair/Alastair/Alasdair but never get very good reactions when I tell people, so I'd love to think that there's a little Alistair somewhere anyway!

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