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    Unhappy Baby Name Remorse!!

    Hi everyone!
    My daughter is 2.5 months old. I named her Nayeli (Ny-Ellie) Evelyn Perez. My husband is Hispanic and so this is a popular name in Mexico and his family loved it. They pronounce her name beautifully! But non Spanish speakers, well they struggle to pronounce it correctly and it just doesn't sound the same. Even when I pronounce it I never get it perfect.

    I wish I would have stuck with Violet. I'm seriously considering (and my husband is OK with this) changing her name to Violet ______ Perez.. I want to possibly keep Nayeli somewhere in there? Any ideas on what to change it to? I wouldn't mind doing a double middle name..
    My name is Jasmine Elizabeth Perez and my husband is Stanley Al Perez

    Violet Nayeli Elizabeth Perez?? Any ideas or input?

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    I really love Evelyn. Could you just use Evelyn and let her go by her middle name?

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    We considered Evelyn, it's a name I love too! But I just don't feel like it fits her like Violet would. I just look at her and see Violet!

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    Violet Nayeli Elizabeth is gorgeous

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    Sorry you going through the name remorse but atleast she is young enough to still make changes. And if she looks like a Violet to you go for it! I dont really like the flow of Violet Nayeli Elizabeth.

    Other suggestions
    Violet Nayeli Perez- This isnt bad at all! And still has connection to her heritage.
    Violet Alessandra Nayeli Perez
    Violet Isobel/Isabel Nayeli Perez
    Violet Amelia Nayeli Perez
    Violet Bryn Nayeli Perez
    Violet Nayeli Bryn Perez
    Violet Isadora Nayeli Perez
    Violet Anne Nayeli Perez

    I am trying to think of some more it is hard for me to pronounce her name with the names as well.
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