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    Nayeli is so pretty. They eventually get it right. You could always call her Ellie. Good luck! :-)

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    I really like just Violet Nayeli. It's beautiful! I've never been big on multiple middle names though. They always end up sounding like a list of names to me. Congrats on your baby girl!
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    Oh please don't change it! Nayeli is so beautiful. If people are having a hard time saying it (its really not that hard, sometimes I think people just refuse to try) try calling her Ellie. It's such a beautiful name.

    Something to consider. Spanish speakers will have a hard time with Violet. It sounds like vee-oh-let when said in Spanish, which isn't exactly as pretty as the English pronunciation.
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    I think Nayeli Evelyn Perez is absolutely gorgeous. Considering that Evelyn contains that hard "V" sound, would you consider leaving her name as-is (and letting her Hispanic family members pronounce it as gorgeously as they do) and calling her Evelyn? Then you can call her V or "Vye," which is an easy stretch to a nn Violet. Plenty of people nickname their children after flowers (my best friend growing up was called Rose by family, even though it wasn't her name at all).

    Just a thought that would require much less paperwork AND allow you to avoid any name-remorse-remorse.
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    If you changed her first name to Violet then I would just keep Nayeli as her middle name (or at least one of them) and His family could still call her Nayeli (sometimes).


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